good pool is relative

if you follow pool regularly, you’ve probably seen the 2012 hard times 10-ball finals.  the match was between dennis orcullo and shane van boening.  if not, watch it below.

i personally find the commentary annoying; hit the mute button if it bugs you too.  dennis ended up defeating svb 11-3.

orcullo’s win over svb by such a wide margin was not an isolated incident.  in 2007, orcullo beat svb by the score of 7-0 in the 9-ball finals.  in the 2012 match, dennis missed a total of three to four shots.  now, svb is arguably the best U.S. player right not, and a missed shot against him typically means a two-to-three-game swing, more if his break is working well.  here, dennis missed three to four shots, and still managed to beat svb by eight games.  that’s just some scary stats in my opinion.  how well do you have to play to beat the best U.S. player like that?  i had the chance of watching svb play in person, and he could put away racks like drinking water.  shane’s pool talent is for real; you can’t hype that kind of ability.  somehow, dennis plays even better.

watching the two pros play just reinforces my previous belief that playing well is a purely subjective measure.  “good” in one room may mean dog crap in a different state; a player ranked a five may be a seven in another city.  with players improving everyday, and tougher opponents constantly emerging from overseas, the limits of pool keep getting pushed further and further.  champions today are b players next year; the A player is a C in six months.  rankings has, and always will be, speculative in nature; this cannot be helped, no matter how concrete you wish the ranking to be.  all we can do is try to improve our own game and hope that we can keep up with the rising tides.

now, a totally different topic.  i’ve been reading lis wiehl’s eyes of justice, a crime novel released this year.  the story starts off unfocused, but the pace & direction pick up around the 2/3 mark, so you’d need some patience with this book.  personally i think eyes of justice is a decent time killer and a solid rental, but i don’t recommend it for purchase.  also, try the autobiography american sniper by chris kyle.  very entertaining.

i should probably end the post here, but ehhh . . . what the heck.



lastly, a random observation.  dogs sit on you.  cats drape over you.  :D

odd ditties

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. . . ok, just a little bit more lazy fatness

here’s a little bit more fata~*sery.

there are a LOT of asians in socal, and i’m talking about a multitude of different kinds of asians: chinese, korean, thai, vietnamese, japanese, laotian, cambodian, indian, you name it.  for those who like to eat, you can find a lot of different kinds of asian food in socal with a little bit of digging.  (there are many other types of ethnic foods, but that’s for another day.  perhaps i should do a taco run later.)  of the available asian foods, thai food has really captured my palate.  and man, can they do a noodle dish.

i shared the tom yum noodle with you guys awhile back, and in the same post i mentioned that i wanted to try the boat noodle.  well, it turns out that the same thai place offers the boat noodle––sort of.  after going to the restaurant enough times, the owner took pity on me and told me about this off-menu item.  if you know me, you’d know about my love of secret menus, like the famous offerings from in-n-out and jamba juice.  sign me up.

but what the f~* is boat noodle?  basically, it’s blood soup.  there.  did you faint?  maybe you need more mineral in your blood.  here, drink this blood soup, it’s good for you.

anyway, i believe the dish got its name from being served off of boats.  it’s basically beef broth (i think), noodles, beef, and whatever organ meats the cook can procure thrown inside a bowl.  what ties all these nasty cuts of meat together is the broth.  yes, there is blood in the soup, but the flavor is something else completely.  if you close your eyes, you don’t really taste the blood at all.  what it is is savory, a bit sour, and quite hearty.  lemme show ya.

this particular version contains beef balls, beef slices, liver, tripe, garlic, and cracklings, topped off with cilantro and green onions.  (each shop will have its own take on boat noodle, so you probably won’t get the same thing in a different thai restaurant.)  see that murky soup?  yup, there’s blood in it.  if you hate organ meats, you will hate this dish, because boat noodle will have some kind of offal.  i personally like most types of offal.  why?  because it’s not boring to eat, and it tests the cook’s culinary skills.

i loved this dish.  yeah, there are all these mystery meats in there, but the chef did such a wonderful job the cuts of meat didn’t matter.  it was prepared with a lot of care, and the chef showed his love of noodles in this dish.  (yes, the chef also loves noodles.)  the noodles were al dente, the organ meats were not overcooked, and the soup was hearty and just right.  between the duck pho, the tom yum noodle soup, this boat noodle, and ramen, i’m almost covered.  the chinese have their famous stewed beef noodle soup, and the koreans have their knife noodles.  those are on the list as well; when i get a chance to try them i’ll post pics.

next stop: who knows.  maybe i’ll find some decent mexican places and go from there.  speaking of which, in socal there’s this place called chronic tacos.  a lot of people seem to like it, but i honestly thought their tacos are just average (on some days below average).  the place isn’t bad, but it’s not especially good.  anyway, i need to do some taco research.  until next time.

[may 27, 2012] just wanna add some things that are too short for a post.  i was surfing the web and found this blog that chronicles how much the blogger wins/loses in his gambling matches, including the weights he is getting (or is giving), the format, etc.  personally i can’t think of anything that will kill your action as fast as a blog like that.  in my personal experience, people who gamble in pool don’t like their scores announced, much less with that much detail (even though some love to brag about it to each other).  if you and the opponent have a prior agreement that the match will be announced and/or broadcasted publicly, then sure post away (like a certain female player with a predilection for bacon and krispy kreme :D ).  but this blog i found––i couldn’t find anything that indicated such agreement.  to each his own.

also, in this edition of good blogs gone bad, i will share this bit of non-photoshopped and sad news.

it has been awhile since miss rousey/mrs. klatt posted anything, so i went to visit her blog.  the screen below awaited me.

looks like that mrs. klatt has ignored her blog for so long it turned into a spammer heaven, not unlike Mos Eisley.  and that concludes this edition of good blogs gone bad.

lastly, this may be due to my getting old, i find myself not liking people all that much.  but i like persons.  go figure.