rude a**

i’ve been playing pool for about 19 years.  gosh, sometimes i despise that description.  many is the time i hear people saying, “i’ve been playing pool for one hundred and seventy years!” as if that means something.  if you suck at this game, that just means you’ve been sucking for a LONG, LONG TIME.  there is one proof in pool.  you can either shoot or you cannot.  end of story.  it’s like intelligence: you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it.

so by saying i’ve been playing for 19 years is not a flaunting of my pool credential.  it’s merely a chronological statement.  and maybe an unintended disclosure of my addiction.  sigh.  😛

i’ve been pretty lucky, as far as pool goes.  i’ve had some good teachers along the way, & i’ve learned some really neat things about this game.  i’m constantly learning, even though at times i don’t think i’m going anywhere.  but i love the game just the same.  and i’ve been spoiled rotten, since i like to play at this wonderful room in the LA area that has probably some of the tightest tables i’ve seen; you can’t squeeze two balls side-by-side into the pocket.  not only that, the pockets have been recently shimmed into this evil looking shape.  if you try to cheat the rail you will not make a shot.  i guess you can say i’m a spoiled pool brat, & perhaps a masochist.

which brings me to a particular player i see fairly regularly in this place, though i loathe to describe him with the term “player”.

for anonymity’s sake, i temporarily name him CK.  now CK is a rotund man, full of suet and sweat.  that in itself is no concern of mine; i’m in no shape myself.  what really bugs is that he gets f~* angry when he plays against other people, for no apparent reason.  i just don’t understand why a person gets so angry playing pool, a game that should make you happy.  now couple CK’s anger with his 2 S’s, the disgust factor explodes exponentially.

CK’s routine is to ask someone to play.  when he starts missing, he gets angry.  he starts cussing and muttering LOUDLY, which turns muttering into an oxymoron.  (sorry, muttering!  i apologize on behalf of CK.)  then he starts to full-on raving and ranting to all & sundry.  then he misses some more.  then he starts to slam things around: the rack, the balls, his stuff, blah blah blah.  it is so loud that other people around him have trouble playing, even though they do the best to ignore him.  while he rants and raves, he comments to himself that he has “the worst luck” when he misses.

dude, ever consider that skills have something to do with this game?  you can’t get “unlucky” 5 times in a row.

unfortunately for my well-being, i played CK twice.  the first time we played he was basically my whipping boy.  although he ranted and raved, somehow i kept calm and made him my rack boy of the month.  (this is not a brag however; if you can run 5 to 6 balls in 9-ball you can make him rack indefinitely.)  when he played me the second time, he said so many rude and dumb comments to me (during his rants) that i stopped playing him, period.  i was so upset that i didn’t want to talk to him in any way or form after that.  i still don’t.  one can only tolerate rudeness and ignorance so much.

i wonder, however, if his rants and raves can be considered as spontaneous utterance.  is it possible that a person can have so little control that he will just say whatever he wants?  am i supposed to be understanding and play him again?  or at least say hi?

also, CK is, pardon the expression, obtuse.  CK has a habit of humping the legs of all the better players over the coarser points of pool (not sure if he’s ready for the finer points yet).  he even asked me some questions on occasion (although i don’t qualify as a better player).  invariably, after CK gets his answers, he goes back and plays the exact same way as before.  yes, yes, you can cast pearls before swines.

why try to learn new pool techniques if you’ve no plans to ever use them?  i can’t understand that mentality.  or all that humping.

i love pool.  it drives me nuts to see someone that trashes the game with his, or her, ignorance and discourtesy.  i genuinely feel sorry for CK on so many fronts; i truly do.  i just have a such a hard time bringing myself to be nice to him.  i think maybe i’m the a*~^#%@.