before i started this blog, i stopped playing pool for about 7 months.  a week ago i finally decided to start playing again.  today i got the bug & i got a good workout at my favorite joint.  i can feel my cue again!  the feelings are slowly coming back . . . i wonder if this is how a viagra pill works.  not that i’d know.  :mrgreen:

while practicing, i noticed an interesting, if not familiar, phenomenon.

this guy was practicing next to me alone, like i was.  all of a sudden, his friend/acquaintance showed up (i assumed it was his buddy; they seemed friendly with each other).  for simplicity’s sake, we’ll call the practicing guy Mr. F, & his friend . . . the F buddy.

the F buddy started by showing Mr. F some shots . . . then some drills . . . and wouldn’t you know it, the F buddy ended up doing all the shooting, period!  the F buddy didn’t even bother to take out his own cue to shoot!  what in the nether world . . .

this phenomenon, for lack of a better term, shall be dubbed the cannibalizer.  someone, on the pretense of showing you “this shot” or “this drill”, ends up cannibalizing your cue & your table time by showing you “this shot” nonstop.  and then “this other shot”.  then “this other shot”.  then, he will do all the shots, with your cue, while you watch.

now i’m not saying the F buddy did it intentionally.  for all i know these two can be really good friends and that’s what they do routinely.  but i remember watching others pulling the same stunt & got some nice free table time.  after “showing” you all these shots, these “gentlemen” will just leave.  without offering to pay for their part of the table time.  now call me cynical, but isn’t the cannibalizer move kind of underhanded?  dare i say . . . flagitious?

i gotta start paying more attention to my own practice.  [yelling at self] STOP BEING SO FRIGGING NOSY!

on a separate note, i can’t seem to get the AZB’s rss feed to work.  i wonder which is buggy: me or AZB.  hmm.

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  1. Isn’t it annoying when that happens? Table time is definitely not cheap. It must be horrendous where you are. I’ve noticed that with one or two people whom we round robin with. At the end of the round robin when they are ready to leave, they don’t offer to pay for their share of table time.

    This raises red flags with me. So the next time they join, I make sure that they pay their fair share. I’ll get them by any means. It’s just not fair for them to assume that because they joined your round robin that they don’t need to pay.

    • it’s bad out here, but fortunately you can still find bargains. if you get a day off, many places in socal offer daytime rates much cheaper than the night rates. some places will keep day rates even on weekends, so saturday/sunday mornings are decent times to go if you got nothing planned.

      unfortunately there are people that are just plain cheap. but playing without chipping in some cash is beyond cheap to me; that’s taking advantage of other people. i think it’s unethical. unless you’re told that you’ll get free pool, pay up or don’t play. as far as those two folks that don’t pay, i’d just LOUDLY ask them to pony up for table time before they even get on the table. this way it will be known that they need to pay their share if they want in. 🙂

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