i’m not trying to nitpick, (all together now) BUT . . .

i like visiting azbilliards’ website.  it’s very informative & filled w/ billiard news.  but there’s this one post that bugs the poop out of me.  it’s an older post you probably can’t see anymore!  i don’t know why this so disturbs my primordial brain; it just does.

azbilliards covered a story about the 2009 China Open around june (of ’09).  the story’s title was “Hohmann and Tasi earn China Open Wins”, naming the winners of the tournament.  the story reported that the lady’s division champion was Pei-CHEN TASI.  i thought, “hmm, who is Tasi?  sounds italian, or maybe even persian.  that’s a very unique name.”  then i saw the picture of *Tasi*.

curious about the name, i puttered around the intarweb & finally figured out her name wasn’t Tasi, but TSAI.  then i used azbilliards’ player finder, & found her name spelled as “Pei-CHUN Tsai”.


i understand that asian names can be hard to transrate into the engrish ranguage, but come on guys, she’s the FRIGGING LADY’S CHAMPION OF THE EFFING TOURNAMENT.  i think the least she deserves is to have her name spelled correctly in a news story.

also, azbilliards could have picked one spelling (Pei-Chen or Pei-Chun) and stuck with it.  either one would’ve worked.  but i guess diversity is the new watchword.

too f~* picky; i know, i know.  but d*%# it, get it light.

it’s George Bustamante.  (thanks, OMGWTF!)

for further mental mayhem, look for more engrish.