ima piggin’ fool

dang it.  when i started this blog a few days ago i didn’t plan on posting about food; however, i ate so well this past sunday i just had to share my dining experience.  hopefully i won’t have to write about my gorgefest in the future, but you never know.

round 1: the boiling crab (ding ding ding!!!)

i have a soft spot for cajun-style food.  the boiling crab (TBC for short) hits that spot.  i’ve never been to this restaurant; a few amateur gourmands invited (dragged) me to this place so i can turkey-stuff mah face.  not that i put up any resistance about going.

this ain’t a restaurant.  this a crack house.  the sauce they used to cook our seafood?  liquid crack.  things got so bad i started dipping my fries in that sauce just so i could taste it after all the food was gone.  as a poolchotic, i personally think that pool’s first and food second, but this place will seriously make me think about skipping pool on any given day just so i can wallow in that sauce.

WORDREKA MOMENT!  (you shall see this moment whenever i invent a new word.  this time you get two.)

Wordreka: an eureka moment for inventing a new word

Poolchotic: someone who is psychotic about pool.

plus, TBC had on ESPN, which was showing jasmin ouschan playing karen corr when i stuffed my pie hole.  how perfect was that?!

seriously though, is the food at TBC worth driving XYZ hour(s) for?  if you live near the beach, i’m not so sure, since there are some killer eats around LA shores; plus, gas is expensive.  but if a TBC is reasonably close by, you SHOULD eat there at least once.  the shrimp+sausage+corn with “the whole sha-bang!” sauce was, well, crack.  the fried oysters were delish too.  ima addict now.  me going for crab legs and clams next visit.

i’ve actually convinced my friend to suck the shrimp’s head for brain juice today.  a true foodie will suck brain juice from shrimps’ heads.  yuuuummmmm.  then again that liquid crack sauce could make people do strange things.  LSD might be involved.

i’ve no pictures of the food.  we were too busy eating & it was some MESSY eating.  no utensils!  bibs (supplied) mandatory.  overalls even better.  those Lakers warm-up suits you can rip off your body with one tug after you assault the table?  now you’re piggin’, AND pimpin’, with STYLE.  beeeiiiaaaccchhh.

TBC had the best signs inside the men’s restroom i’ve seen.  here are some visual aids.

aim please

short bats

lucky i was ready to relieve myself, otherwise i would’ve hydrated my pants.  my fellow daring-doers told me there were similar signs in the ladies room, but no one took a picture.  you can go & find out youselfs.

interested parties can visit TBC’s website here.

round 2: orochon ramen (ding ding ding!!!)

LA locals might have heard about orochon ramen.  they were featured on Travel Channel’s show, Man v. Food.  they reportedly have one of the spiciest bowls of ramen out there.  if you can finish their hottest bowl in 30 minutes or less, your mug goes on their wall of bravery.  since we were champions of foodie cowardice, we stayed with the lesser brethren of the Special #2 (their hottest bowl).  there were three soup choices: salt, shoyu, or miso flavor.  then you pick the spiciness level.  then your toppings.  that’s it.

the ramens were pretty tasty, and the roasted pork (char shu for those familiar w/ ramen) were tender and succulent.  be sure to get the egg; wonderfully soft yolk.  i’d go back.  too bad none of us ordered any side dishes; we were kinda full from TBC *burp*.

sorry, no pics for this one.  not that you’d want to see half-eaten food, unless you got some kind of fetish.  if so, you should see a doctor.

check out orochon’s website if you must.

i pushed for round 3, but my intrepid foodies chickened out, their bellies more turkey-stuffed than mine were.  WWWWEEEEEAAAAAKKKKKK.  😛  (kidding guys!  i made up that chicken part!  come back!)

concluding this post, check out this vid for some acrobatic shenanigans.  which was what i should’ve done after my big meals.  oh well.

[update July 20, 2009]

my fearless compadres got me a pic of the girl’s restroom sign.  it was taken in haste, so pardon the blurries.


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