not much happening of late.  had a good practice thursday, however.

my practice is generally, well, weird.  i don’t pick the right shots when i practice.  i pick tough shots, try to make it, and get position on an imaginary next ball.  it’s the type of practice that’ll genuinely confuse many railbirds if they try to assess your game.  i don’t do it on purpose, however; i’m just trying to find variety on the table, since i get QUICKLY bored w/ drills.  (for those that can sit down and drill for 4-5 hours, my compliments and admirations.  i just cannot do it.  my brain stops when i drill.)  also, i pick tough shots because i cannot feel the hit at times, & i need something to regain focus.

personally, i’ve not seen a drill that resembles an actual table layout.  it’s more interactive for me to throw out a rack of balls (8-ball or 9-ball) & try to run out.  i try not to shoot a shot over if i miss; in game situations, no one will give you mulligans.  so if i miss, i stop the runout, clear the table, & then hit that shot over, until i get it.  then i put all the balls back out & try to run out again.  i got this idea from playing my friend.  when we used to play, he would just run out when i miss.  and run.  and run.  that painful-to-my-a** experience taught me not to squander my turn at the table; if i got a shot, i had to think about the shot, then made sure i drill that shot into the pocket.  or made sure i lock my friend in jail.  playing him had definitely improved my game, as it will yours if you always try to play a good player.  preferably someone who can break & run 3 racks+ of 9-ball ON AVERAGE (very important) or better, since it takes that kind of player to keep you seated.  if you practice w/ Efren regularly, know that i’m turning green.

another reason for stopping my runout when i miss is because it’s tedious to take the balls back out.  yep, if you miss the 8 (in 9-ball), you gotta stop & reset the table, a pain.  therefore, i’m rewarded for my runout, & punished if i miss.  just like a real game.  it’s a beeiiach of a practice, but it works for me.  if you can’t run out a full rack yet, practice running only 3 balls & place top priority on position.  gradually add an extra ball to the mix & work your way up the food chain.

during my practice i did get to play some 8-ball w/ one of the PH regulars, something i don’t normally get to do since not many people play 8-ball at my favorite PH.  it was a nice change of pace.  playing 8-ball reminded me of all those IPT qualifiers i got to watch; too bad that tour went bust.  those matches sure were fun to watch, except for the crappy cloth that Trudeau guy insisted on using.  once again, life ain’t perfect, and i’m left to reminisce.

now go watch some puppets.