prrrac-teece! more prrrac-teece!

i got stupid over the weekend and decided to reformat all my previous posts.  i didn’t like the blog’s look so i ended up changing some things around.  this is what happens when you’re a n00b & you have to learn different things and conduct endless experiments on your blog.  but i think i found a look that i liked and i’ll probably stay w/ it for awhile.

on the pool & billiards front, i had another good practice last week.  got my a~* handed to me; i got annihilated.  good thing it was during practice.  😛

i think at certain points of anyone’s game, you know that you won’t be annihilated most of the time.  you’ll lose some matches, sure, but not be completely run over.  it takes a fierce player to be able to do that to you.  well, i was lucky to play someone of that caliber.  it was refreshing & humbling to be beaten to a pulp; all my weaknesses were revealed during that session.  i can really make good use of the experience to further learn new skills.  it makes me wanna play more pool!  i love it when that happens.

like i talked about before, you have to practice with someone who can, and will, beat you to a pulp.  (very important; a good player holding back does your game no good at all.  sometimes kindness can be a cruelty.)  it’s very difficult to improve unless you play someone who can reveal your weak areas.  playing people your own level just means you’ll be trading games.   eventually you have to move up.  and moving up is the goal we all try to achieve.  believe the russian general alexander suvorov when he said, “train hard, fight easy”.  (general suvorov also said “The bullet is a fool, the bayonet is a fine chap”.  not sure how that relates to pool.)

til next time, gentle readers.