random gibberish

got a chance to hit some balls, but can’t get my runout going for some reason.  i was missing many shots and looking stupid; oh well.  can’t have a great practice every time.

mista ck (read my previous post) asked me to play again; although i refused, i was able to do it politely this round.  a small consolation for me, since i do feel bad for saying no.  however, i like my pool sessions too much to dilute it with unpleasantries, so i had to refuse.  happiness full strength, me want that playing pool.

after my practice i chatted briefly w/ the counter dude, who also plays.  he said that he was amazed at how long i can stay at the table; he said his practice usually don’t last very long.  he said he gets better practice that way, since he’d be able to reflect on the practice more, and better apply his knowledge with a shorter session.  i told him the reason i stay at the table is b/c i don’t play that much per week, so when i come in i play longer to sate my pool cravings (like a hungry dog with food . . . greedy!).  however, i can sort of identify with the concept of short practice; all my breakthroughs in pool come after a period of no practice.  i guess you can liken it to fermentation, or incubation.  new techniques and knowledge bubble and fizz in my head, until they ferment and recombine into a delicious stream of inspiration.  that’s when i go to the PH and try out the new stuff, and where i get my improvements.  this makes me wonder if less practice is actually more.

although i had a good time, i can’t help but wonder why there wasn’t action like i used to witness.  i wonder if pool needs some sort of grassroots movement to give it the shot in the arm it needs.  perchance mr. mark wilson would argue that a grassroots movement simply won’t work.  he may contend that pool players don’t have the trust, or the right attitude, to work together.  his take on pool players is, and i quote, “A band of renegades . . . The only way you can get two of them to go in the same direction is if they agree to cut the third one’s throat.  Otherwise it’s every man for himself.”  (for the full article, read it at the Riverfront Times website.)  mr. wilson said this in 2005; i wonder if he changed his mind.  plus the stuff that TAR is doing is kind of encouraging.  if only we can get regional TARPITS set up all over the country . . .

speaking of action, TAR’s match-up of svb & frost continues today at 7pm eastern, or 4pm pacific.  it’s pay-per-view; those interested can purchase passes to view the live stream.  i’m not big on bar boxes but this match looks immensely promising.  i do wish they’d arranged the match on the big tables though; it’s not like these guys can’t run out on the big table.  use my link to visit their website for more info.  should i skip pay-per-view & just wait til the dvd comes out?  hmm . . . gotta think about this one.