joy! more cannibalizer!

this is just a small observation but i personally find it pretty f~* up.

in my previous post i talked about the cannibalizer.  (read the previous post.)  i think the move is screwed up enough, but have you seen a pool teacher do that to a student?

there is this pretty well-known pool teacher, who shall remain nameless, that pulled the cannibalizer move right in front of me own eyes years ago.  we’ll say the gentleman was BCA-certified panjandrum-level instructor to all and sundry.  let’s also say that because of his BCA-certified eminent exaltedness, he commanded a premium coin for his lessons.  well, i sat and watched as this distinguished gentleperson of the game taught this player (of an obviously lesser station) an hour of pool.  for the next hour, the student shot maybe twice.  the honorable teacher, well, “demonstrated” shot after shot for nearly the entire hour!  oh.  my.  gosh.  as the lesson wore on, the student seemed more and more confused by all those advanced shots the teacher was trying to demonstrate.  the best news, of course, was that the instructor was missing quite a few shots he tried to describe!

obviously those shots were so advanced and ahead of the time that even the almighty instructor couldn’t properly display for his pupil.  a person must be enveloped in the totality of zen, or tao, or dong, to fathom such sublimity.  the pupil, without saying, was undoubtedly inane and seemed unable to absorb such enlightenment.  the punishment for failing to learn such grand sagacity should have been castration, or at least public flogging of flesh.

now call me obtuse, but i thought the student would be the one needing to shoot and practice all the pearly orbs of wisdom the instructor deigned to bestow.  so how come the illustrious instructor shot all the shots, and missing quite a few in the process?

i’m guessing that’s why i was not the BCA-certified mastur grand poobah of billiard instruction, and he was.  oh, may there be a refund policy firmly in place of all billiard instructions!

a quick side note . . .

svb defeated frost in the race-to-150 challenge match by a whopping 46-game margin.  somebody was primed to open a big can of kick-you-in-the-ding-ding beat-down.

also in the news . . .

azb continues their struggle with sperring-rerated activities.  (see my previous post.)  below is a screen capture of a video on the azbtv website. this was taken earlier today.  highlights are my own.

sf fail

double sigh.

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