they can kick jack bauer’s a**

my good friend suggested that i compile a list of folks who can kick jack bauer’s arse.  what started out as a joke turned into a sort of emotional journey for me.

below is a list of people i think can kick bauer’s arse (this is by no means an exhaustive list.)  not only that, bauer would be lucky if he lasted one minute with any of them.

be sure to read Master Sergeant (Ret.) Benavidez’s citation.  not one man in 10,000 would do what he did.

Benavidez Roy

Master Sergeant (Ret.) Roy P. Benavidez (read his citation here)

Tanouye Ted

Technical Sergeant (Ret.) Ted T. Tanouye (read his citation here)

Beckwith Charles

Colonel (Ret.) Charles A. Beckwith (read his profile here)

Boehm Roy

Lieutenant Commander (Ret.) Roy H. Boehm (read his profile here)

Marcinko Richard

Commander (Ret.) Richard Marcinko (read his profile here)