biting my nails

things are kinda slow (read DEAD) in the LA pool scene, but i’m patiently waiting for the Sept 25 match between oscar d and morra.  (use my TAR link to check for details.)  i miss these kind of things in LA; the tournaments we use to have here were loads of fun.  and i miss the bicycle club tournaments; back then there were mini tournaments in nearby PHs before or after the main event, and all the top guns would show up to play.  for that matter, i even miss the ipt qualifiers, despite the fact that the tour itself was a scam.  shoot, when was the last time chia-ching wu, ortmann, orcollo, and manalo all showed up in LA at the same time?

or LA open.  i can’t remember the last LA open that took place.  that was a fun tournament too.

well, gotta sit & wait for another month.  hopefully i’ll be able to take some pictures of the oscar vs. morra match.  if i do i’ll post it here for all to see.  maybe TAR can hook up a match in LA between antonio lining and cliff joyner.  that’ll be f~* awesome.

and in tv land, burn notice just concluded another season a while ago.  kinda bummed that i gotta wait til winter for the new season to air.  i’ve been really addicted to that series, but don’t ask me why i am.  i have no idea; i just am.  that and dark blue.  i must like the cops-&-robbers type shows a lot.  come to think of it, i guess i do.

anime fans check out samurai champloo.  fun show.

last, but not least:

i haven’t done a wordreka for a while.  so here’s one.


Sargasm: a combination of sagacity and sarcasm

you may see that word pop up somewhere.  🙂

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    • hey omg, remember a player named jose del rosario? i’d love to see him in a TAR matchup with that kid justin (?) bergman. i hear del rosario’s in japan now. btw, never try to text/email w/ iTouch/iPhone. this reply took me 10 minutes to type where it normally takes 2.

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