it’s not what you say . . .

in our journeys in pool, we all encounter annoying folks that beg for a straight punch to the jaw, or other squishy parts of their bodies.  and we hold the right to tell these folks to bugger off.  but how should i go about it?

i’ve seen the straight-up, f-you/f-off approach at work (also known as “the finger”).  this is a lovely approach with terrific effectiveness: the message unambiguous, the delivery succinct and brief.  time wasted: minimal.  the drawback (fistfights notwithstanding) is that you can hurt the person’s feelings pretty badly.  don’t get me wrong; i’m not exactly a touchy-feely sort.  i am not, however, big on making the other people feel bad unless they REALLY ask for it.  i just don’t feel the need to go that far in my retort; words do hurt, and hurt greatly.  that’s why evil blogs exist.  (please don’t use blogs as weapons for smearfests!  that’s very low.)

the flip side, then, is the let-down-gently approach.  although we avoid making the person feel bad, the drawback here is that the bugger can see you as an easy target and continue the pestering peskiness.  in the end, you gotta bring out a hefty dose of f~* you to get the message across anyway.  also, the gentle approach means you gotta swallow some unpleasant feelings & make nicey-nicey with the pesterer.  some folks flat out don’t swallow.  (heh heh.  dat my evil laugh.)

i haven’t decided on what my consistent approach should be.  most times i play it by ear.  i want to have a consistent approach though: eventually people will know my patent response, and then i won’t have to explain meself.  well, i guess that probably means i should adopt the f~* you approach.  shoot, i just don’t know.

i wonder if i can develop a gentle-yet-firm approach on saying scram.  i’m not sure how that’ll work.  i am . . . conflicted.  suggestions are welcomed.