in yer dreams

the big 3 sports (football, baseball, basketball) all have their version of fantasy games and dream match-ups, where you pit players past & present against each other.  or you can use current players only.  i think it’d be fun to have dream match-ups in pool.  as the TAR’s oscar v. morra match creeps closer, i can’t help but think what other contestants i’d like to see in a heads-up match.  (please TAR, make some of this happen!!)

here are some of my proposed TAR future match-ups, limited to currently alive players.  the parameters are diamond 9-foot table, 9-ball, race to 100 over three days in LA, $10k per shooter winner-take-all, unless otherwise noted.

jose del rosario vs. justin bergman: not sure if anyone remembers jdr, but he made a brief showing in the US in the late 80s-early 90s; the grapevine places jdr back in asia now.  very sharp player back then; i imagine he hasn’t lost much.  bergman is the young hotshot from the east coast.  by now jdr is well seasoned; bergman is supposedly in top gear right now.  young upstart against a now-grizzled veteran: sounds like a recipe for a good old-fashioned blood bath.

django vs. mark tadd: another blast from the past.  not even sure if tadd plays anymore, but mt had a game when he was active.  kinda inconsistent in my opinion, but when mt is on, he is tough w/ a great runout game.  y’all know django.  should be another fun match w/ good runouts.  9-ball, race to 11, best of 3 sets.  hey, i can dream.

little al vs. kid delicious: the great fighter-player al is by far one of my favorites to watch.  at his age he still outshoots 95% of the people i see in los onheles.  the Original Spartan in my opinion, and i rank him OS at the risk of death by offending the other Spartan.  kid delicious is a character.  i think al & kid played before; should be fun if they do it again, this time on the intarwebs.  i call dibs on the floor seat, but shot clock mandatory.  (al won’t need a shot clock.)

antonio lining vs. daulton: what’s a dream match-up without an all-lefties’ battle?  i would commit actual misdemeanor crime for money so i could show up at the venue to watch it live.  if one of them isn’t available then dennis hatch can sub in.

lee van corteza vs. the silent assassin: i hardly get to see lvc play so this is more a selfish match-up.  robles is steady and mind tough.  it may be one of the slower-paced match-up here, but possibly one filled with precise runouts and careful safeties.

alcano vs. svb: been seeing quite a bit of svb these days, but svb vs. alcano?  can’t go wrong.  $30k a man, winner-take-all for this one.  we may get actual blood here.

ouschan vs. der kaiser: another necessary component for a fantasy match-up–an all-european battle.  ouschan has proven her willingness to play against anyone, both dudes and dudettes.  kaiser is a killer shot.  although i’m not sure ’bout ouschan’s taste in music (sexy back by timberlake?!?!  what the f~* . . .), this oughtta be fun, especially if they curse in their native languages.  (my new book due next summer—get down! from kaiser to scheiße & back: a journey into the mental underbelly of pool.  i’m soooo copyrighting this.)  🙂

segal vs. himself: the match will be secondary to the conversation.  i just wanna hear what kind of jawboning will ensue.  if shadow-segal is not available then bucktooth can sub in.

mccready vs. anyone: the mere fact that keith is on the table makes for great spectator sport.  i’d watch him play a one-footed circus clown if it goes down.

if i think of anymore, i’ll post it later. you can list your dream match-up, if you like, in the comments section.