TAR’d some more!

well, the TAR 16 matchup between oscar dominguez and john morra is over.  oscar won the match, 100-79.

when oscar finished day 2 with a 22-game lead, it was going to be rough going for morra.  the tight table proved difficult for morra to mount a comeback as oscar closed out the match and took the winnings.  morra played quite well, but he was no match for oscar’s heady shot selection and safety play.  plus, morra’s positioning was not as good as oscar’s; morra shot quite a few almost-straight-in shots that required draw, a no-no with tight pockets.  oscar positioned his cueball with better angles, thus maximizing his chances of running out.

this was a grinder’s match, and the pace was quite slow.  however, the play quality was good and the slow pace gave everyone a better sweat.  too bad the match itself was a blowout.

purportedly oscar already received offers to play more TAR matches in cali, and possibly at hard times again.  wow.  i’d definitely watch again.

morra was an exceptionally good sport, and he seemed gracious in defeat.  his game sure impressed me.  any future match-up between oscar and morra should prove to be fun as well.

goof of the match honor goes to hard times’ owner.  the event strictly prohibited flash photography.  guess who threw a lightening bolt right in oscar’s face just before oscar shot?  yup, hard times’ owner.  after a momentary silence by the stunned crowd, oscar and all the spectators began to laugh.  the owner was so embarrassed he disappeared like a magician.  he did emerge later to apologize to the crowd.  amazingly, oscar was unfazed by the distraction and continued his stellar play.

i took some photos of the event.  you can check it out here.

also, there’s probably gonna be another tournament this october at hard times.  if i can i’ll take some more pics.

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