had another good practice yesterday.

i was playing a race to 7 for practice against this gentleman.  funny thing was, he had me down 6-0!  i don’t know what happened, but i came back to 6-5.  i picked the wrong shot in game 12 and i lost, but that was the most fun with pool i’ve had in quite a while.  losing the set was entirely my fault; i blame it on a lack of practice.  (of course, that’s also my fault as well.  hehe.  out of excuses.)  proof that you don’t always have to win to have fun shooting.  just most times.  😛

now begins the wait for the october tournament at hard times.  another month of waiting, but i can’t complain.  LA has had a drought in the pool action scene, and all of a sudden two events popped up–TAR 16 and the upcoming tourney.  well, can’t say it’s not worth the wait.  maybe i can put my camera to good use again.

and now, a semi-low-tech way to keep yer neighbors off your wi-fi network: signal-blocking paint.  that’s right, paint.  i came across this little product while surfing the net.  not sure if you can buy this yet, but i got a good kick out of this product.  see for yourself.

4 comments on “ahh…contentment

  1. Anti signal-blocking paint? Well… ya know, there is an easier way to prevent your neighbors from jumping onto your wifi, is to just password protect your wifi network with a bad-a** password. 🙂

    As for your pool playing, even if you did not win the game, you can still have fun playing pool. I rarely win at games, playing against hubby or other players, I still have fun, because the game is still at a social level for me. Winning just makes it a little bit more fun.

    • hehe . . . true. there’re easier ways than paint, but i thought it was funny that someone would develop a product like that.

      winning makes it quite a bit more fun personally. but playing well makes it fun too. the game of pool is way beyond social level for me . . . i’m beyond help. 😛

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