consistency across board

espn is showing the wpba’s 2009 U.S. Open tournament in oklahoma.  although the final match is not shown until this sunday, oct. 18, i did manage to record the two semifinal matches.  so far the matches are kind of ho-hum; i wasn’t exactly riveted to my seat.  i did notice one thing however: the table used for the tv matches.

yes, the isabella table by brunswick looked nice, but the pockets seemed larger than some of the previous events used by wpba.  i made the observation (in my previous comment) that the pockets used in wpba’s events seemed smaller now, which i think is a good thing.  but now the pockets seemed bigger again.  for me personally, this raises the question about how good the women pros really are.  i don’t doubt their abilities to shoot, mind you, but how can we be impressed when they’re shooting at pockets that seemed to be almost 5 inches wide?  maybe i’m just bloviating, but i seriously think that the wpba should keep the specs the same from tournament to tournament, preferably with 4 1/2″ pockets.  this way, when someone’s shooting well, you won’t have detractors saying the quality play is due to liberal pockets.  just a thought.

and please, please, wpba, stop the incessant clapping.  when the object ball is 2 feet away from the pocket, the cueball is 1/2 foot away from that object ball, and the shot is straight in, it’s no cause for celebration when a player makes that shot.  i understand the powers that be may think that for a woman pro to even make one shot is a miracle, but please don’t clap EVERY TIME a player makes ONE shot.  they’re pros.  they’re supposed to make many shots, let alone a shot.  let the audience decide which shot is clap-worthy.  the spectators may be more knowledgeable than you think.

14 comments on “consistency across board

    • as a whiny little five-year-old would say, “stooopppp it!”

      and please, no finger snapping. don’t know which genius came up with that replacement for the hand clap, but it’s 10 times worse. ESPECIALLY when a guy does it. good grief, break out the bras and g-strings already!

      or as kramer would call it, “the bro”.

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