pacmania cometh

the october tournament for socal is coming.  around the end of this month, hard times at bellflower, ca, will host a tournament for all and sundry.  the sponsor of this tournament: the boxing great manny pacquiao, also known as “pacman”.  you might have heard about the recent fight between pacman and ricky “the hitman” hatton, where it took only two rounds for pacman to dispatch hatton.  yup, that pacquiao.

i’ve acquired the entry form to the tournament, should you become curious about the event.  i’ve blocked out some numbers, since they seemed like personal numbers and i don’t like posting private info all over the net.  you can contact hard times directly for details.  supposedly many of the filipino greats will show up for this event, but so far no definitive list of players.  open tournament, probably no handicaps.  if i can i’ll be taking pictures again & post it on flickr, like the TAR 16 pics.

hard times phone: 562-867-7733

click on the link below for the pic of the app.  if the pic seems blurry or not straight, forgive my crappy amateur photo skills.  😳

click here to see pacmania entry form

on an unrelated note, i’m sick of law & order’s + law & order svu’s endless politicizing.  the producers make the show unwatchable now.  L&O and L&O:svu were some of my favorite shows; now i’ll have to cut off the suckers.  if i want politicizing, i’ll watch political shows and news channels.  get it together, people.

[update oct 18, 2009: a quick update on pacmania.  supposedly efren, bustamante & parica will show up, but not sure if they’re confirmed to appear.  we’ll see.  also, espn is slotted to cover the event.  could be fun.  the local LA filipino tv station may be there too.]

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  1. I was catching up on this week’s Law & Order, and was thinking along the same lines as you are. Somehow this season it is missing something, maybe as you said, it has become too political. I’ll give it another week or so, then it’ll no longer be a priority on my DVR list.

    Heroes seems to be missing something too, even though I watch it every week, I can’t seem to follow it. I keep on thinking to myself that I have missed something.

    House, M.D. on the other hand, so far so good. 🙂

    • it’s such a shame. L&O and SVU used to be such great cops and robbers shows. now the producers are just getting stupid. that’s why i turned to shows like dark blue, burn notice, or the beast. (with swayze’s passing though, no telling if the beast will continue.) guilty pleasure is royal pains. (total chick show! :oops:) don’t tell anybody; i need to maintain my manly man appearance.

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