enjoy your Runeberg’s tart with punsch

mika did it.  he made history with consecutive wins of the US Open tournament.  for this year’s win, mika earned a handsome $40,000 USD in prize money.  according to US Open’s website, varner is the only other player who’s won it twice in a row.  earl strickland has the most US Open wins at five (1984, 1987, 1993, 1997, 2000), followed by sigel’s three (1976, 1980, 1983).  shane van boening would like to win twice in a row.

of course, mika’s win reinforces my belief about pool and its financial rewards.  (read my previous post.)  i’m sure mika’s not complaining though.  sir, enjoy your Runeberg’s tart with punsch.  or champagne.  followed by a cigar.

in a distantly related topic, i watched the final match of wpba’s US Open.  let’s just say the match was . . . underwhelming.  in my previous post i discussed the incessant clapping in wpba’s televised matches.  please, wpba, stop using euphemisms to describe bad shots and mistakes made by the players.  banish that euphemism with the needless clapping.  people won’t be affronted if you call a bad shot a bad shot.  getting out of line is not an “interesting shot”.  playing bad position is not “off a little bit”.  the spectators are not blind or uninformed, especially at the US Open tournaments.  honest self-reflections allow others to pay genuine respect.

and no finger snapping.  😛

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