quick update on pacmania

i guess tiger cues company is going to sponsor this event.  TAR will provide additional camera coverage as well as streaming video of the event, on top of ESPN’s crew.  supposedly the pacman himself will play the winner of the tournament in a challenge match.  if you’re near socal be sure to check it out; here’s your chance to watch pacman play pool, along with filipino pool greats.  should be fun.  i will again try to take some pics if i can.

for more details, check out action report’s website for their coverage.  inside pool magazine also has info on pacmania.

and now, a little python mayhem.

[update oct 31, 2009: as of now there are no confirmed appearances by the top pros–efren, francisco, etc.  pacman will be there, but no word on when he’ll show.  currently he’s training for a november fight so he’s going to spend quite some time at the gym.  he may make an appearance tonight, but it’s not guaranteed.  {i’m guessing it’s based on his training session today.}  i believe he will play the challenge match on sunday.  stay tuned.]

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    • honestly, i think it’s just a fluke. but it sure is welcomed after such a drought in west coast pool action. the east coast has plenty of action, and there are way more pro/semi-pro tours back east than west coast. overall, pool action is better out your way, in my opinion. plus you’re reasonably close to the us open venue–lucky!!

      of course, after TAR 16 & pacmania, i’m not sure if there will be any tournaments for a while. unless oscar gets challenged again, or TAR decides to do another event here.

  1. I assume you mean that Cheasapeake, VA is close to Massachusetts than where you are. I guess it is closer, but don’t think it’s even worth going there just to watch.

    True, we have a bunch of pros in the east coast, but none in the MA area.

    The closest we have is the one at Mohegan Sun, CT, with all the TV, it makes watching live totally unbearable. But I guess it’s nice to be able to get autographs of pool players.

    Speaking of getting autographs, one of these days, I’ll start planning to collect signatures and make a quilt out of it. One day, one day…

    • yup, exactly what i mean. if i ever wanna watch us open i gotta take the plane.

      one of these days, I’ll start planning to collect signatures and make a quilt out of it.

      maybe u can make the quilt out of simonis 860. with the spot. 😀

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