pacmania, day 1

well, pacmania is here.  i was somewhat disappointed; of all the filipino pros, only parica, santos and roberto gomez managed to show up.  however, many local talents joined the fray, so this sort of turned into a big local tournament, which is kind of fun.  some of the notable locals were filipino jerry, danny petralba, lorry de leon, louie ulrich, king kong, morro, francisco galindo, the father/son dominguez team, tang hoa, kevin m., and frank “the barber” almanza, among others.  although we didn’t have all the big-name filipino players (efren, bustamante, etc.), the field was very strong.  oh, and omg was there.

i took some pictures, but the general scene was quite chaotic, so they didn’t turn out as well as i wanted.  check it out anyway.  highlight of the day goes to tang hoa for dressing up as lil’ bo peep with a nicotine patch on his arm.  that’s a brass set of b~*s, sir.  a brass set of b~*s.