grubbin’ miscellanies and tv

this is just something random.  when you play pool til the wee hours of the morning, where do you fill up your belly?  here are some spots in the la and orange county areas in socal that i know of.  the list is by no means exhaustive.

various fast food joints/greasy spoons (jack in the box, taco bell, mcd, denny’s, ihop, etc.)  only for the desperate.  if it’s mcd or jack, it’ll probably be drive-through only.  service will range from nonexistent to good.  but at 3 in the morning, do you really expect decent service?  just eat your s~* & get out.  if service is bad leave a lousy tip.  that’s all you can do.  hey, at least you’re full.

the original pantry, los anheles.  an la landmark, this is a 24-hour joint that serves up decent food.  the last time i was there i thought the place was kind of dirty, and it was really dark inside.  but it’s not a bad choice at 3 in the morning, the pickings being slim to none.

hodori, los anheles.  another landmark, sort of.  famous (or infamous) among asian customers, this korean eatery is always open.  the food is great to worse than dogs~* depending on who you ask.  visit the d~* place and form your own opinions.  btw, the parking is worse than gonorrhea, not that i know what gonorrhea feels like.

harbor house, orange county.  2 locations, sunset beach and dana point.  they never close.  terrific breakfast joint, and the menu features LOTS of omelets.  parking can be tough, so be prepared.  if you hit this joint at around 2-3 in the morning, beware of the bar crowd.  service can be slowed to a crawl when the after-hours bar patrons all show up to grab a bite.  stay away from the occasional lousy drunk & you’re okay, as long as you don’t mind wait a bit for your food.  get there before 2 am is probably a better option.

in-n-out burger, various locations.  this place is famous around cali.  they open til 1:30 am on weekends, so technically they’re not really a late-night joint.  if you crave a good burger, leave the PH a little early and grab a double double with fries.  for the curious, search online for their secret menu.  (it really exists!)

tommy’s, various locations.  if you’re the type that has a personal physician or is married to a doctor/nurse, RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.  if you’re a hungry pool player, well, you may be brave enough to tackle this joint.  lemme ‘splain.  a double chili-cheese burger with chili-cheese fries.  still hungry?  chili-cheese dogs.  more?  chili-cheese tamales.  maybe a triple chili-cheese burger is more your taste.  did i mention they serve chili-cheese milk shakes and chili-cheese sodas?  (ok, i made the last two items up.  but you get my drift.)  hours vary depending on location, but typically til 3 am on weekends.  when you leave, you can generate enough methane to fuel a small city.

bcd tofu house, various locations.  another popular korean eatery for the asian crowd.  piping hot tofu with various side dishes.  small bowl of rice.  what else do you want, especially on a cold winter night?  hours vary depending on location; some are open 24 hours.  good place to eat at 3 in the morning.

alberto’s/alerto’s/humberto’s/gilberto’s/rigoberto’s/manuberto’s/ribolerto’s, all over the place.  pretty well-known in socal, there are various versions of the berto’s that exist in socal.  best bet is to do a web search for the city you’re in.  hours vary wildly from place to place.  food quality is similarly wild.  most of them serve the same items: burritos in various forms, tacos, enchiladas, tortas, taquitos and what not.  eat at your own risk: some are downright fantastic, others will make you barf (literally).  a true gambler’s choice.  possibly perfect for pool players.

vietnamese sandwich joints, various locations.  known as banh mi in the original tongue, there are many places that serve up this inexpensive grub.  some are open 24 hours.  the more notable joint is probably lee’s sandwiches, but i feel they’re way too overpriced.  at 3 in the morning however, you probably don’t have many choices.  suck it up and order.

subway, various locations.  believe it or not, some subway locations are open 24 hours.  they’re rare, & all i can say is to keep an eye out for those.  when you find one commit the location to your memory.  it can come in handy when it’s 3 am, you’re hungry, but you don’t want greasy food.

campbell’s soup.  you can always go home and heat up a can of campbell’s.  it’s really not that bad.  honest.

and now, a few gripes about some tv shows.

terminator: the sarah connor chronicles.  i don’t understand why fox would want to cancel this show.  this show was awesome.  and fox yanked the plug right when i got into the story!!  arrrgghh!!  jerks.

the unit.  another great show that got canned discourtesy of cbs.  jacka~*.  and the tv execs wonder why the ratings are down.  at least we got reruns.

the beast.  the show had a brief run.  with patrick swayze’s passing, i guess a&e felt the show couldn’t continue.  too bad, really.

some guilty pleasures:

dollhouse.  the plot is getting really insane.  just watch it.

burn notice.  fun show featuring an ex-cia spy that got burned by the company.  very cool stuff.

leverage.  a group of cons band together to do good for the underdogs of society.  pretty creative plot, especially if you like watching people trying to outmaneuver one another.

white collar.  a pretty fun show with smart acting.  plot is . . . you make the call.  tiffani amber thiessen is in it.  that’s a plus, isn’t it?

i’m exhausted, although this list is not.  i’m gonna play pool now instead.  tune in next time.

[addendum, Dec. 14, 2009: forgot to add a few more shows that i like.

V.  the mini-series on abc.  if you’ve watched the original nbc’s 1983 version, you already know what the storyline is.  even so, the remake is pretty interesting, and the special effects are of course much cooler.  i just don’t understand why they’d show the first 3-4 episodes now and continue the rest starting march 30th of 2010.  seriously.  does that make any sort of sense?  how dumb can these execs be?

flashpoint.  catch it on cbs.  originally aired in canada, the show gained enough popularity to come to the states.  good show, with good action.  the episodes tend to be stand-alones, so you don’t have to follow the entire season to understand the show.  enrico colantoni is his usual excellent self.  new episodes coming in february or march of 2010.  if u got netflix u can rent the older seasons on dvd.

unbeatable banzuke.  if u got cable/satellite catch it on the g4 channel.  basically, it’s a show with a bunch of contestants trying to clear various obstacle courses.  i can’t even explain what it is.  just watch it.  dvr is your best bet.  my favorite is the bamboo derby and super helico.  a youtube sample is below.  just check it out.

ninja warrior.  if u watch a lot of g4 shows you’re probably familiar with ninja warrior.  another obstacles show; it can be quite addicting if you get into it.  check it out.]

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  1. BCD Tofu House looks yummy indeed. You guys are lucky over there, restaurants tend to stay open late. Over here in Boston, there are rarely any decent restaurants that are open pass 11:00 PM, except for Chinatown.

    I’m going to start watching “The Unit”, finally gave up on Heroes. I’ve tried watching “White Collar” but couldn’t get into it. This fall, the line up truly sucks. 😦

    • i don’t know about restaurants open late out in socal. there were many nights i had to hunt for a place to grub. i’d say only some places that are open late, which is why i did this post.

      too bad “the unit” got canceled. the way the last episode was set up . . . let’s just say that if they renewed the show, the producers would’ve knocked it out of the park. it would’ve been an epic season. too bad, really.

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