january 1st, 2010

wow.  this must be, by far, THE most creative title i’ve ever created for a post.  ever.

just had my new years eve gorgefest a while ago.  went to todai, an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet fairly well-known in socal.  tony bourdain would probably call it “utility sushi”, but they tasted fine to me.  my friends & i basically wiped out their snow crab legs & claws, plus some assorted sushi bits.  a little lobster.  i love crab, but only occasionally; it’s a heavy-tasting dish for me, and i o.d. on them pretty quick.  so no more crab for a while.  but i digest.  i mean digress.

it is the start of another year.  this is also the time where a proliferation of resolutions tear open the floodgates and inundate the denizens around the world.  during this time of the year, i’m one of the lone owls you see perched on a tree, watching and observing.  in short, i don’t do resolutions.  i watch people make them instead.

the way i figure it, if you’re gonna do something you’ll go do it.  put it this way, if your loved one is sick, you’ll take him/her to the doctor/hospital.  you’re not going to make a resolution first and complete it later.  you’ll go, period.  or if an oncoming car is gonna crash into your car.  you’ll swerve immediately.  you’ll not make a resolution first and swerve later.

so why not go do what you need to do, without going through some middleman called resolution?  middlemen are reserved only for emergencies; they typically come with a price which you’ll always pay, now or later.  maybe this year, we should resolve not to resort to resolutions.  there.  now (as dr. laura would say) go do the right thing.  and enjoy your new year, all 365 days of it.  squeeze in some pool in the process as well.  happy shooting/banking/drawing/stroking/following/spinning.

to start your new year right, here’s a picture of the most adorable burrito you’ve ever seen.  EVER.

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