i’m sure we’ve all seen this: a pool player, after 20+ years of shooting pool, remains exactly at the same level as he/she was 20 years ago.  there is literally zero improvement in this person’s game.

my previous post talks about my struggle against the player i call ufo.  there’s another player i’ll call guppy.  he’s another regular at my favorite PH.  aside from the garish outfits he favors, there’s little substance to guppy’s game.  granted, guppy’s been around for a LONG time.  he participates in occasional action, and enjoys a tournament every now and then.  however, for as long as i’ve seen guppy play, i’ve not seen any improvement in his game.  he plays EXACTLY the same as he did years ago, when i first watched him play.  it’s really none of my business, but i find it frustrating to watch.  i don’t know if it’s a talent thing or a hardheaded thing, but i’m baffled that a shooter can play pool for 20+ years and show zero improvement.  this is the same thing that frustrates me about ufo’s game: sameness.  what gives?

i hesitate to say it’s a talent thing, since ufo and guppy are both capable of hitting good shots.  it’s just that they both have no clue as far as the cueball is concerned, and they don’t seem too interested in learning the cueball.  it may be hardheadedness.  it may be that they don’t really care about the game; pool may only be the vehicle for them to pose, a means for self-aggrandizement.  if that’s true, why would anyone wish to engage in such pointless fantasy?  if i can’t shoot, i sure don’t want to pretend that i can.  what’s the point?  people aren’t stupid; they know if you’re full of s~* or not, especially on a pool table.  what you can or cannot do become painfully apparent the minute you start hitting balls.  pool is just one of those games; if you can’t do it, you cannot pretend that you can play.  you cannot try to bluff someone and hope you can pull off that bluff.  either you can run out, or you’ll screw up and sell out.  there’s really no in between.

when i play folks who have not improved in 10, 20 years, i get really bored.  the game becomes pointless, because their stagnancy make the game pointless.  sorry to sound harsh, but it is what it is.

it’s a bit oxymoronic when a player with no interest in improving asks me if i want to “practice”.  practice implies improvement and learning.  there’s no practice against someone who doesn’t learn, or doesn’t want to learn, anything new.

of course, if that’s what makes them happy, then by all means.  not being overly critical, it’s just hard for me to watch.  oh, if you remember ck from my very very first post, well, he still shoots exactly the same, six months later.  with the same amount of cussing and inconsiderateness.  🙄  sigh.

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  1. p00lriah,

    Why does it surprise you that people don’t improve? Why does it frustrate you that other people don’t improve?

    Maybe pool for these two players are just an enjoyment to pass the time. There are always new players who start out in pool, which means that these two players will most likely be able to beat the semi-novice players.

    As I have probably told you, I have been playing just under two years and I have improved greatly. When I started, I got my butt kicked left and right.

    At this point of my game, I can hang with the people who have been playing for a while and have not improved a bit after many years. One guy who comes to play sounds exactly like Guppy. The guy comes in once or twice a week, and plays in the local PH league. He is there just to have fun and watch the waitresses or any ladies who come into the pool hall.

    It’s just a time to social and pat himself on the back for making great shots. 🙂


    • it’s not that people who don’t improve surprises me. it’s just that i love the game too much, & i find it personally frustrating when the game is not played to a certain level. i fully realize that each person has complete freedom to take this game to any level he/she desires, but to give an illustration, it’s like listening to vladimir horowitz’s concert, then turn around to hear some guy bang out “happy birthday” on a piano & call it music. i fully realize my perfectionist streak; it’s just hard for me to watch bad pool sometimes.

      don’t get me wrong. i don’t go around correcting people on how they should play. i’m hard only on myself and not on others because i realize other people’s rights to their own freedom. but golly, bad pool hurts my eyes. so i avert my gaze from time to time to spare myself the misery.

      yeah, those two can probably beat the semi-novice players, but that ain’t saying much when they’ve played over twenty years. just saying. and the ladies don’t exactly watch them. 😛

      i’m so sorry. that was mean. i apologize.

  2. Hey p00lriah, good to “meet” you. And welcome aboard PoolSynergy.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll; hope that’s OK. 🙂

    As far as guys playing forever and not getting better, don’t let it get to you. Those guys are having fun and that’s great. You’re having fun and that’s great too.

    Happy New Year, and may your game improve even more that you hope it will, but don’t believe it can.

    • hi mr. biddle. thanks for your comment. as far as folks not getting better, they don’t get to me. i’m just saying that it’s frustrating to watch. but really, it’s not my business at all. i’m just talking about it from a spectator’s point of view.

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