random pics

a bit random levity.  enjoy.  pics found on icanhascheezburger.com & roflrazzi.com.

also, been addicted to a couple of shows.

dollhouse.  the finale is in two weeks.  for those that have followed the show, you know how crazy the storyline has been.  the finale looks no less spetacular.  not entirely sure if you should buy the dvd set, but it’s a definitively worthy rental if you’ve never seen it.

dexter.  i know season four is already over, but i’m watching it now.  don’t know how the staff keeps inventing crazier plot with each season, but they manage somehow.  if you’ve never watched the show grab/rent the dvds.  the thing about this show is that each season is self-contained; if you watch season one and never pick up another dexter dvd again, you won’t be left hanging with stupid cliffhangers.  with each season, the show closes the plotline and leaves everything tied-off and neat, but those new to the show should watch the seasons in order.  probably one of the best tv series out there.  oh, don’t even think about letting your kids watch this; the graphic nature of the show makes it adult-only.  if you have a hi-def tv watch it on blu-ray or hd channels.  show’s kind of an eye candy.

also, check out sleep talkin’ man’s blog.  hilarious sleep talking stuff and endless amusement.

enjoy your day.