pc overload

it’s easy to go overboard with anything.  food, clothing, shopping, driving, gaming, and of course, political correctness.

i was writing a post the other day and used the word “ladies”.  when i finished my post and used wp’s spell checker, the word “ladies” was highlighted.  i thought i had misspelled the word (a bit shocking, since it was an easy word).  when i clicked on the highlight for an explanation, i see this on my screen.  the pic below is the actual screen capture.

my reaction was basically: WHAT.  THE.  F~*.

put it this way, if i see a random girl on the street and i address her as “woman”, she’ll slap me for sure.  i can only guess the spell checker has never ventured into the streets of an average American city.

know what’s funnier?  when i typed in the words “gentleman”, “w~*”, “s~*”, “c~*”, and “b~*” (all completely spelled out) just to test the checker, those words weren’t highlighted, meaning they were fine.  so, according to wp’s spell checker, i can call a girl a “b~*”, a “w~*”, a “c~*”, and a “s~*”, but i can’t call her a “lady”, that word being too biased to use in polite company.  but you can still call a guy a “gentleman”.

i don’t even know what to say, so i’ll just post this for you to see and decide.

and since we’re on f~*ed up things, let me also post this video.  my asian friends showed me this vid.  after about a minute of this vid i became nauseous and had to go barf.  it’s like barney, but times 10, so i will share the misery.  if you can watch the whole thing more power to you.

4 comments on “pc overload

  1. p00lriah,

    I assume when you say “wp” it is world press spell checker? Very weird.

    Interestingly, hubby calls our lady friends “woman”. As a greeting he would say “Hey woman!” Our lady friends usually take offense at first and then get use to it.

    He calls me that too, and other people around us would usually give him the evil eye because they think he is disrespecting me, instead of being playful. 🙂

    • i hear that too. some people use it as a joke but as long as they do it in jest there’s nothing wrong with it. but the spell checker is doing something completely different. i’m not a fan of forced social engineering or thought police & this smells very much like it.

      i think wordpress contracted someone to create the spell checker so i’m not sure whose idea it was to get all pc crazy. nothing is perfect i guess.

  2. That would be funny if word press contracted somebody to make funny dictionary suggestions.

    Just realized that it is “Word Press”, all along I had thought it was “World Press”.

    Yah know, it’s good thing to be PC, but how far should being PC go? Like “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas”. What do you think?

    When I’m not sure what somebody celebrates, I’ll go with “Happy Holidays”, but do people who celebrate Hanukkah get offended when somebody says “Merry Christmas” to them?

    Always my dilemma during the holidays. 🙂

    • actually i think it’s incredibly bad to be pc. pc is a discussion stopper, used when u want a wall between yourself & others. imagine saying something & i immediately scream ~ist (fill in any label of ur choice). conversation’s over. no more rational dialogue.

      any reasonalbe person would be fine w “merry christmas”, no matter their faith/religion. i don’t get offended when greeted w happy hanukkah. those that get offended just want to 1. start a fight, or 2. make some kind of political/religious statement. not what a sincere, reasonable person would do.

      if u replace pc w common decency and common courtesy things work just fine. pc is just a tool for forced social engineering.

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