enough about me. let’s talk about you. what do you think about me?

looking at my blog’s layout, i just had this funny thought.  when people visit my blog, what does my blog tell about the author?  when i go visit other blogs, what do their blogs tell me about their authors?

if you like reading/writing blogs, you know about the “category cloud” feature seen on many blogs.  (others call it “labels” and various names.)  i think the category clouds unwittingly reveal funny things about their authors, on top of the actual posts.

here’s my highly unscientific analysis based solely on staring at clouds and blogs, both mine and other pool blogs i enjoy reading.  😯

me: a lot to say about pool, a draught of funnies, a good amount of tv, and a smattering of eats.  trace amounts of random weirdness.

omg: much pool, traveling via various paid transportations, complains/gripes/b~*ing about people/things she hates, posts about eats, homemade handicrafts, and random musings.  a bit of fashion.  quantity of each component not verified.  (no cloud!)

texas tigger trigger: tons of pool tournaments, some practice routines and tips, some PR for pool, and a few moments of revealing her personal and inner thoughts.

quilt and b~*: quilt, eat, and b~* about pool and life, but uncertain what the actual mixture is.  (can’t find her cloud!)

sarah rousey: pool and food and tournaments and traveling.  talk of relationships.  life as a wpba pro player.  unsure of actual measure of each ingredient.  (forecast: sunny with no clouds!)

now that conan is leaving the tonight show, i thought i should reminisce a bit by showing triumph the insult comic dog mercilessly unleashing sarcasm on a bunch of star wars nerds.  (whew, now that was a run-on sentence if i ever saw one!)

show’s over.  now back to pool.  8)

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  1. Here’s what I think about you and your blog:

    – loves music, all different types of music
    – controlling, approves posts before posting on section (not a bad thing)
    – great writer
    – loves pool
    – funny
    – enjoys great conversations

    Here’s a kicker – I always thought you were a woman until I read your bio on PoolSynergy (not that it matters). *I think that sentence is gramatically incorrect*.

    • thanks for ur continued support & comment.

      i’ll let u in on a secret. my comments section is not moderated; it’s filtered. b/c i’ve read forum posts in the past & they almost always devolve into a cussing exchange, i set up a cuss word filter to prevent such mishaps. (reason why i’ll not join online forums.) and since ur blog address contains the b~* word, ur comment goes into the holding que automatically. also, my filter seems to be hyperactive at times, so it’ll block comments for no reason. still tweaking it; please be patient. work in progress and all that. 😛

      i thank u for ur very flattering words, and i’m grateful u like my writing enough to call me a great writer. i am curious on what led u to think i’m female. (i thought my gravatar would give that away.) oh, i don’t do heavy metal, so almost all types of music. 8)

      • “i am curious on what led u to think i’m female”

        I think it is in your writing, and the fact that you write consistently.

        The only other male blog writer I know in the pool arena that is a non pro is Brooklyn Jay – brooklynjay.blogspot.com.

        He occassionally writes, and his sentences are short and abrupt.

        As for your avatar, cartoons don’t tell much, that cartoon character can go either way. I never paid much attention to your avatar until the pool synergy biography.

        Also, why would guys be interested in quilts anyway?

        • hey! r u saying i write like a girl?! what, u think only girls write consistently?! dats discriminatory!!

          i keed, i keed! i read brooklyn jays’ stuff sometimes; not really my thing. it’s not too bad though. however, i doubt he alone is a good representative of male bloggers. like pool, it’s the style u develop. he does the short choppy thing. as long as it’s personal and genuine it’s fine. john biddle aka pool student (guy that started pool synergy) isn’t a pro, i don’t think. i could be wrong though. also that fastmikey guy on pool synergy isn’t a pro. they both blog.

          can’t speak for other guys, but i’m interested in pretty much anything, from common to arcane. i think it’s important to enrich ur brain; i’m always surprised where knowledge and life lessons can come from. and i admire polymaths, so i try not to limit myself to “guys only” interests. (won’t u love it if ur hubby can pick out cool make-up stuff or nice dresses for u? or know which flower to get? jewelries? win money on jeopardy?) plus, although it’s quilt, the obsession and quest behind a quilt is no different than pool. if u got the dedication to make a quilt u can run a rack of 9-ball. 8) life interconnects on many avenues.

          • ok, ok, no offense about your writing. I just enjoy it.

            I pick my books for my hubby from the library on a weekly basis. I try to stay away from women writer’s because every time I have borrowed books that are written by women, he seems bored and uninterested in it. Men tend to write straight to the point and concisely, while women take the long route. I know I am generalizing here.

            Listen to women when they talk, they can’t seem to go from point A to point B in one straight line. It seems to take a few miles of detour before getting to point B. And along the way, they’ll get to Point X, Y, and Z and finally remembering that they need to get to point B. I’m like that, so I know.

            To be frank with you, hubby goes shopping with me because I have no patience buying girly clothes. If I need to buy something nice, I’ll drag him along and he’ll choose a few for me to try. He probably could pick out cool make-up for me.

            “…life interconnects on many avenues.” I like that philosophical thinking. Now, go write something on that.

            One other thing, you sure wake up early for somebody in the west coast, 5:00 AM and you’re blogging?


            • i was just fooling around about being offended. i do think that it’s hard to gauge how people will write based on gender. i think omg is pretty darn to the point & she’s a girl. for me, b/c many of my thoughts are convoluted, i need more words to develop my ideas & make sure they’re clear to others. hence my long-winded writing style.

              i think we get great writers or we don’t. if a book is great i could care less about the gender. btw, i think frank herbert’s dune series to be very convoluted; definitely “long road” but great read. it all depends. hope ur hubby will start accepting good female writers. oh, laura ingraham & natan sharansky are very good if u like political philosophy. (library may list natan as anatoly sharansky.)

              some days i can’t sleep so i’m up early. today is one of those.

  2. There is a good variety of topics here.

    As for my blog, I will totally gank this idea of yours to see what other peeps think I am like via my blog presence, although I don’t think it’s much of a mystery.

  3. my girlfriend just broke up with me. and i can’t stop eating spam. what do i do?

    • that’s too bad. i wonder if she left u because u ate too much spam. but now she’s broken up with you and u probably can’t stop eating spam because of it. it’s a cruel catch-22. well, all i can say is keep eating more spam. and thanks for contributing to spamatopoeia.

  4. i think my girlfriend cheated on me with spam. now i see spam & i have to beat it up. what do i do?

  5. Wow! You described me perfectly. I’m, honored to be mentioned, too, btw!

    Your blog is one of the few I go to most often. I think it’s not only because of your topics, but also because you update it often. It keeps me interested to see what you are interested in often. If that makes sense. 🙂

    • danke trigger. i basically described the labels on ur blog, so you’re really the one who described yourself. just like my tags described myself. 😛

      and yes, what u said makes sense.

      thanks for reading my crappy blog!

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