pool synergy, volume quatre

this is the fourth volume of pool synergy, and my second post for this group project.  welcome back, and thank you for reading this post.

for February 2010, the topic of this month is “Your Favorite Player”.  the link to volume IV’s main page/host summary is below; it contains a complete list of blog posts for this topic.


also, for a list of past and future topics of pool synergy, visit the link below.


if you’ve read my blog you’ll probably notice that i changed the look of it.  yeah, i know, theme shopping is just silly, but i can’t help it.  i haven’t found that one theme i like so much that makes me want to keep it, so pardon the shift.  with this new theme Steira, the position of the comment box is not where it normally would be in the typical wordpress layout.  once you figure out what’s going on it’s not too bad.

anyway, my post for this month is below.  enjoy.

my favorite player?  that’s easy.  his name is efren earl buddy mosconi the first.  😛

pardon the jest.  i’ve come to admire many pro players; as in life, each has his own strengths and flaws.  so my fave player is a composite, not a real person.  he’d have earl strickland’s shotmaking ability, run-out prowess, and break (circa 1988-1990); buddy hall’s unflappability; mr. mosconi’s insatiable desire to win; and efren reyes’ knowledge and creativity.

if you ever see someone like that asking for a game, run in the opposite direction.

but in thinking who my favorite player is, my mind wandered off in a different direction (as it often does).  i think what i admire, really, are the characteristics and abilities that these players possess.  for instance, i love earl’s break and shotmaking when he was one of the most feared players in late ’80s to early ’90s.  earl’s break sounded like a gun shot.  coupled with his shotmaking and his grasp of position play, he was never out of a match until the opponent won the last game.  or take buddy hall.  i personally think he is one of the most unflappable players i’ve witnessed; he was mr. cool under fire.  or mr. pocket billiards.  i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone that wanted to win as much as mr. mosconi did.  and we don’t really have to talk about the magician; he has become one of the players known by only one name (e.g., mosconi, earl, efren, francisco, johnny, buddy, mika, or keith).

in a sense, the names of these players have become synonyms for certain characteristics admired/desired in pool.  cool under fire.  knowledgeable.  tough competitor.  dead-eyed shotmaker.  creative kicker.  powerful breaker.  run-out master.

so . . . i think that instead of admiring a player, i want to focus more on the characteristics i admire in a player.  instead of focusing on the person, i would focus on the abilities his/her name has come to represent.  after all, the names of these great players meant little when they first began their journey in pool.  when earl/buddy/mr. mosconi/francisco/efren first started to play, no one knew who they were.  instead, their games spoke the loudest on the table.  after people saw how they played, the names of these players then became recognized.  conversely, if a player’s game starts dropping, he/she becomes less recognized or feared (except for those who’ve reached legendary status).  so really, the proof is not in the name, it’s in the pudding.

to celebrate the game, i will celebrate the players’ abilities instead of their names or who they are.  by recognizing a player’s ability to play and what his/her game stands for, it allows us to set goals for ourselves and move toward greater mastery of pool.

in that case, i guess the name of my favorite player is really great kicker big breaker run-out shooter mr. cool fierce competitor the first.  parents, don’t be cruel and actually give your child this name.  we don’t need any more names like Audio Science Clayton in the world.  or Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong.  that’s just downright mean.

that’s it.  now go practice.  8)

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  1. And don’t forget the boy named Sue. You make a great point about the game doing the talking, and that all the greats were at one time just hungry nobodies. Which hungry nobody will rise to become the next king or queen of pool?

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