do the tamagotchi

a primer before we start: i’m not advertising for wp.  just making some observations.

wp has the category cloud feature; i’m sure many blogs offer similar deals.  (my earlier post was based on observations of this feature.)  basically, you enable the category cloud widget on your blog.  then you create whatever categories you want for your posts.  the more posts you place under a category, wp will use bigger & bigger font size to display that category.  in essence, you’re “feeding” the categories with your posts to make it “grow”.  which reminded me of those tamagotchi toys that were popular years back.  you take care of your virtual tamagotchi pet by feeding/cleaning/grooming it so it’ll be happy.  (never bought one; thought it was lame.)

i remember when i first enabled the category cloud feature on my blog.  i would try to create posts to feed certain categories to make them grow bigger.  (i don’t do that anymore.)  little did i realize i was playing virtual tamagotchi, but with blog posts.  who knew wordpress designed a video game right into the blog platform?  and it’s free!

wow, i’m f~*ing weird.

on a happy note, i talked about how the dictionary in wordpress went overboard with the political correctness stuff in a previous post.  to wp’s credit, they seemed to have removed the insanity.  my screen no longer lights up when i type “ladies”.  a small improvement, but a very satisfying one.

enjoy your weekend.

2 comments on “do the tamagotchi

  1. Hey you,

    I was researching on the cloud widget that you were talking about. Blogspot provides a few could widget, but not the one you are referring to.

    They offer something call “Amazon Cloud”. It gives a description of what it is, similar to what you discussed, but when I placed the widget on the blog, it was a box with advertising.

    There’s another one, but it is a cloud that consists of your followers.

    In conclusion, blogspot directly does not provide a widget for the cloud. Maybe the widget can be added in some other way.

    I remember playing the Tamagotchi. That little game was so addictive. The fun thing was that you can carry it around with you wherever you go. I wonder where mine is?

    • blogspot sort of does. i think they call it “labels” but i’m not sure. i think when u allow the widget to show the number of posts under each label u have the wp equivalent of category cloud. it’s just not visually as striking.

      i messed around w the blogspot interface & the GUI isn’t nearly as nice as wp. if u want u can get a wp account & do a comparison. then u can export to wp if u like it. 🙂

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