there are times when a person ponders his/her life.  apparently, my life is a cliché.  but i’m okay with that.

i think that if i carefully consider my positions, opinions, core values and beliefs, and they happen to coincide with a stereotype, then i’m at peace with that stereotype.

i’m not really here to discuss what my core values or beliefs are; i’m here to write about pool.  but i thought the stereotype thing is kind of interesting.  same with our values and beliefs in pool, i guess.  if you’ve carefully considered your theories and opinions about this game, and they happen to coincide with a certain stereotype, then it’s okay.  you did not haphazardly arrive at these theories and opinions; you gave it serious thoughts.  so it doesn’t matter if they’re stereotypical or not.

for example, if your understanding of the game causes you to play like a “grinder”, accept what reactions you may get from others and be at peace.  you’ve carefully considered different approaches of the game and genuinely believe that this is the best way to play.

if you’ve tried all the different paces of the game and play like a “rhythm player”, no need to fret at the label.  it’s just sheer coincidence that the label happens to apply to you.

so carefully consider your beliefs, your positions, your opinions, your understandings, your values.  if you’re labeled a certain way after such meticulous considerations, know that it’s sheer coincidence the label happens to fit you.  and have a good laugh at the label’s expense.