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before i uncovered my “all about . . .” project and my interview with omg, i was feverishly contacting the various pros about possible interviews.  now that i’ve unveiled my “all about . . .” project, i’m excited to announce that i’ve secured yet another interview.  yup, it took a LOT of wrangling and a million emails, but looks like i’ll be interviewing the snooker legend steve davis!  i can’t wait to ask mr. davis’ experience with both snooker and pool, and his insights on the similarities and differences between the two disciplines.  mr. davis, having successfully competed in both the international snooker scene as well as the mosconi cup, will have invaluable insights about combating ultra-high-level opponents, as well as the means to cope with the enormous pressures that come with world-class pool and snooker competitions.  details to follow.

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