a little impromptu list of the iPhone/iTouch apps i enjoy.  most are free, so download to your heart’s content.  i’m lazy, so no links; just search them on iTunes or right on your iPhone/iTouch.

wordpress app – free of charge, this app is quite handy if you blog on wordpress.  (sorry, blogspot users!)  works with both or self-hosted wordpress blogs.  (check the requirements to use the app for self-hosted blogs).  not sure if it works with the new iPad, but i’m sure it will if it doesn’t already.  granted, it’s tough to write an actual post on iPhone/iTouch, but for comments and replies the app works well.  does crash occasionally, but hey, it’s free. app – for word lovers this is a no-brainer.  another free app, the user can search for words and synonyms.  almost invaluable for the college set, professional/hobbyist writers, or those that like new vocabs.

face fighter lite – the free demo version of the paid app face fighter.  you can use anyone’s picture in your library, put the face on your computer opponent, and fight away.  provides endless amusement, particularly when you put the face of your worst enemy or that jerk boss on the cpu opponent and start punching.  won’t land you in jail, unlike an actual punch to a person’s face.  :mrgreen:

yelp – free of course.  i use this for informational purposes only; a good number of the reviews are f~*ing lame.  however, when a restaurant gets 4 1/2 stars (out of five) after a 100 reviews, you can probably eat there and get okay food.

target app – free!  i happen to like target so it’s handy for me.

chipotle app – chipotle has great food i think, so i got the app in case i need to find a location.  hey, it’s free.  why not?

espn FreezeFrame – a free game app; fun if you like those “find the differences between two pictures” types of games.

amateur surgeon lite – a free game app.  it’s basically a puzzle game, except with bloody organs and nasty injuries.  try it; it’s free.

scramble 2 – free game app; which iPhone/iTouch owner doesn’t know scramble anyway?  if you haven’t played it get it.  you’ll probably become addicted.

monopoly – this is a paid app.  last i checked it’s on sale for $3, otherwise it’s $5.  if you like that old classic grab it.

there.  now go waste some time.  😀

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  1. The “Face Fighter Lite” and the “Yelp” apps sounds interesting. Fortunately, I do not have an iPhone, and still won’t be getting one. I think my phone is in the verge of dying, let’s see if it can last another year or so.

    • one of these days we’ll have to convert u into an iphone believer. 😀

      but if u have iphonephobia, those android platform phones r nice too, and they got a bunch of free & very functional apps as well. but u probably shopped those phones online already. i looked at a few online & i think the android platform is very nice.

      i lean toward iphone b/c of my ipod & all the music i use w itunes; too much pain to convert/transfer my music if i go android. function-wise i think iphone & android are a tie. what do u think?

  2. I have not played with the Android yet. I wonder if the Android is compatible with Exchange… because one is by Google and the other by Microsoft, it probably won’t be compatible. I played with the Verizon Driod, it’s pretty funky but on the big side, it won’t fit in my back pocket comfortable. We’ll see when my phone eventually dies.

    • i hear there are 3rd party apps that’ll allow linkage to the exchange server. not sure if ms will make an actual exchange app or have it built into the android os. seems like the android project is pretty open about programs/apps being accessible in its os, so u never know.

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