been addicted to pizzas lately.  don’t laugh at me, but the pizza i’ve been addicted to is costco’s pizza.

yeah, it’s low rent, but i like it.

being a semi-aficionado of the tomato pie, i’ve had a few great slices in my gastronomical history.  i think costco’s pie can stand up to many as a really good utility pizza.  no joke.  friends of mine have also had costco’s (née price club) slice and came away with similar opinions.  way better than pizza hut/domino’s/papa john’s, i think.

it’s a substantial slice for $1.99 + tax.  by substantial, i mean they cut an 18″ pie into six slices.  you get one of those slices after you pay.  (it’s cut differently if you order the whole thing.)  for most people, one slice is enough for a lunch portion.  two slices for lunch will satisfy about 97% of the population.  any more than that you should just order the whole thing and take the leftover home for dinner.  (quite a few folks do.)  don’t quote me on this; i think there’s only one size available for sale.  three varieties only: cheese, pepperoni, or combo.  i like pepperoni the best; i don’t like a bunch of stuff on my slice.  (old school, baby!  yeah!)

surprisingly, the crust on this pizza is above average, in my opinion.  sauce is decent too.  plus, you don’t need a membership to eat there; most of the locations have outdoor food areas, meaning any hungry stomach can belly up to the counter and order away.  (and a belly you’ll have, after you dine.)

judging by the crowd that’s almost always there (minus the bad weather days), i’m not the only one that enjoys it.

cheap but good.  can’t beat that.

did i mention that their hot dogs are really good too?  not just decent, but really good.  two choices: regular or polish sausage.  for $1.50 + tax, you get a dog AND a drink w/ free refills.  the dog is pretty substantial as well.  ahh.  cheap eats are awesome.

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  1. Um… I’ve always wondered how the hotdogs and pizzas were at Costco. Next time… I’ll try it. If you do come to Boston, I’ll bring you to my favorite pizza joint where they have bbq chicken with asparagus on it. Yummy. Not the cheapest pizza in town, but delicious.

    • costco pizza & hotdog is f~*ing good. (pardon my language.) well, at least they’re good out in socal. but costco is pretty consistent, so i’d imagine it’s pretty good in any state. besides, at $1.99 + tax a slice, and hogdog with a drink at $1.50 + tax, it’s very wallet friendly to try. the line of people waiting to eat it is always a good sign. i know people that’d eat the costco pizza as their first choice, even with all the other pizzas out there. this includes a cook that actually makes the pizza in the costco kitchen. (ssshhhh!! don’t tell anyone!!)

      pizza with bbq chicken & asparagus as topping . . . very nouveau cuisine; sounds like a creation from the california pizza kitchen or one of wolfgang’s handiwork. i must say that the best slice i’ve ever had is magpies pizza in tucson, az. i don’t even remember which slice i had. (i think it’s got fresh basil on it; it was a very classic slice, not those fancy ones with arugula or goat cheese or white sauce.) i just remember being put into a trance after the first bite; my mind literally went blank. no other pizza in my experience did that to me.

      if i save up enough $$ i’d love to try lombardi’s pizza in nyc, supposedly the first pizzeria in the US. i’ve heard so much about it that it’d be a crime not to at least eat it one time.

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