pool synergy, volume shichi

this is the seventh volume of pool synergy. welcome back, and thanks for reading this post.

the topic for volume VII is “Poolosophy”.

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below is my post for this month. enjoy.

my poolosophy actually isn’t derived from pool.

the approach is simple: meritocracy, with self-reliance and honesty as the supporting elements.

let’s explore.

in many of the pro tours, or even the local tournaments, the topic of money comes up a lot.  “sponsors” is another word being thrown around often.  funny thing about a sponsor is that you will not have them if you are not already strong and profitable.  imagine this scenario: you have two companies, one who is profitable with potential for growth, and the other is barely fledging, struggling to survive.  who will you, the investor, select to receive your hard-earned money as an investment?  who will most likely receive your funds?

sponsorships, windfalls, and charities, in my opinion, belong in the same category.  that category is called “gravy”.  we simply should not rely on others’ good graces to carry us.  we must be able to stand, unaided, ready to tackle our problems.

in pool, there’s always talk about the lack of money.  i may be wrong, but sometimes i feel as if the players think that the next big sponsor will solve all their problems.  that is simply wishful thinking.  if you cannot make a profit for yourself and the sponsor, then the sponsor has no obligation to support you.  most likely the sponsor is running his/her own business; a business cannot flourish if it loses money.  if pool, the investment, isn’t yielding a positive return, what right have us to demand the sponsor’s stay?  will you stay if you’re the sponsor?

as players, we all know instinctively that we need to stand on our own feet.  no one can make a shot for you.  because of the concept of self-reliance, i oppose those who are hustlers and cheaters, who rely on sharking and unfair handicapping to win.  think about it.  how will i, the player, have any chance to grow if all i ever do is to play with a spot?  sure, my handicapping skill will grow immensely.  but how about my pool game?  will my skills grow if the only time i play is with a handicap?  don’t get me wrong.  i’m not talking about the kind of spot where you make the game even.  an amateur player WILL need a spot from the rifleman, or archer, or any pro; the amateur simply doesn’t have the skills to beat a pro yet.  the type of spot i’m talking about is the unfair spot; the kind that dishonestly tilts the game to the hustler’s favor.  that’s the kind of spot you don’t need when you play.  sure, you may not win when you play honestly.  but without tough games and tough trials, we cannot grow.  growth comes when we expend honest efforts at our game.

as pool players, we must begin by dealing honestly with one another.  honesty amongst players.  honesty between players and tours.  between players and sponsors.  and most importantly, honesty with yourself.  no more cheating, sharking, preying on the weak or the foolish.  if we want pool to be respectable, if we want to shed pool of her disreputable skin, if we want to grow, both ourselves and our sport, we must first act respectably ourselves.  everyone wants to win.  that does not entitle you to unbridled treachery.  in the long run, the hustlers and cheaters are only hurting themselves.

if you cannot win by your own honest efforts and feel that you’re entitled to cheat, don’t play.  i hear bird-watching is a relaxing past time.

6 comments on “pool synergy, volume shichi

  1. Integrity is its own reward. Just look at the difference between the people who surround a person of integrity and the circle who surround one who has none. Who would want to live in that world?

  2. Once again, I feel like I am in philosophy 101 class.

    “we simply should not rely on others’ good graces to carry us”

    of course we can to a certain point. Ms. Rousey asks for donations from her readers to support her in her travels. Ms. OMGWTF sells items to support her adventures. I guess the keyword to your sentence is “simply”.

    “… if we want to shed pool of her disreputable skin…”
    how hard do you think it is to “shed pool of her disreputable skin”?

    Cheating, poor sportsmanship etc. doesn’t this come with every sport and not just pool?

    • hehe. slightly chewy post to exercise your brain a bit.

      of relying on others’ good graces, i mean to solely count on others as your means of survival. didn’t word that very clearly! sorry about that.

      as far as pool’s reputation, i think it’d be pretty tough to change simply because i think this “skin” had developed over time. personally i think that time is the remedy, if we start changing our behaviors today.

      as far as cheating in sports, of course you’re right that it happens elsewhere as well. i think the same principles can be applied to other sports as well.

      • I wonder how and why and when pool/billiards has gotten a bad reputation. Wasn’t it a gentleman’s game in france or something? That might be a good topic to write on [hint, hint]

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