Pool Synergy Volume VII

hi folks.  welcome back to another edition of pool synergy.  this month marks the seventh volume of this project.

for volume VII, i’m assuming host duties.  hope you’ll enjoy this edition.

this time, all the contributors and myself are writing about the topic called “poolosophy”.  yep, you know what’s coming next, don’t cha?


Poolosophy: a person’s unique approach and philosophy to pool

basically, each contributor will tell you, dear readers, his or her respective approach to pool.  what are their thoughts about pool?  what does pool mean to them?  what were the influences they had?  what are their influences to pool and others?  read on and find out.

typically, a summary is provided for each of the articles.  however, since i believe the topic is so personal and exploratory in nature, i will not provide any long-winded bloviations.  my feeble words won’t be adequate to describe any of the articles.  instead, i want you, dear readers, to explore and find out for yourselves, what each of our contributors have to say, in their own words.  i want this month’s edition to be one of discovery and exploration.  this month, you all get to be poolcheologists.  what you unearth and take away will be uniquely yours.


Poolcheologist: a pool player who’s also a discoverer of all things in pool

you get two WORDREKA MOMENT!s on top!  sweet bonuses.  🙂

again, due to the personal nature of this topic, each contributor’s post will reflect only that person’s thoughts and ideas, and no one else.  also, if you click on the link and nothing shows up, there are probably some technical difficulties.  check back later; we will fix it as soon as we figure out the problem.  if everything works right away, just pretend we know what we are doing.  :mrgreen:  also, from time to time we get late entries; if that happens i’ll update this page for the late arrivals.

below are brief introductions to this month’s contributors, as well as links to their blogs & posts.  now, unwrap your hand picks and brushes, and go where the trail leads you.

this is charles eames, also known as forumghost516 on the AZB forum.  he’s an aspiring pro player.  he also enjoys blogging about his pool exploits.  for this edition of pool synergy, mr. eames tells us about his poolosophy: approaching pool as an eternal student.  read his post by clicking the link below.  (btw, that pic is NOT him.  since i don’t have his avatar, i’m using a substitute.)

mr. eames’ post

she’s known as G square, or G x G, but not to be confused with gatorade G2.  she’s smart, she’s sassy, which makes her smassy.  she’s gail glazebrook, captain of the Kiss of Death pool squad.  if you ever play her, she’ll silently assassinate you.  (get it?  get it?)  for this month’s topic, ms. glazebrook talks about her desire to constantly move forward.  and being a nice person while doing it.  wanna know more?  why, use the link below to read the whole thing.

ms. glazebrook’s post

this is jarno virtanen.  he’s a programmer, a husband, and dad to his two darling kids.  oh yeah, when he has any free time at all, he plays and blogs about pool.  did i mention he’s from finland?  mr. virtanen’s post is about the pleasures of small motions, and his experiences with them.  intrigued?  why, go read the rest, curious george.

mr. virtanen’s post

john biddle is the founder of the pool synergy project.  he likes to play pool.  he also blogs extensively about various pool techniques and drills.  when it comes to his poolosophy, mr. biddle likes to keep his standards high and his practices abundant.  use the link below to read his post for more details.

mr. biddle’s post

johnny101 is an amateur pool player.  he likes to write about what he learns in pool.  he also posts various videos on pool drills and shots.  what is johnny’s poolosophy, you ask?  according to johnny101, it’s what you make of it.  if i have to come up with one word to describe it, it would be fluidity.  use the link below to read what johnny means.

johnny101’s post

markus hoftstätter is from austria.  he’s a pool player, writer, and photographer who launched his blog during his trip to the 2009 Derby City Classic.  for this month, mr. hoftstätter writes a step-by-step description about the components that make up his poolosophy.  and it’s kind of a photo essay!  (he IS a photographer, after all.)  i don’t wanna spoil it for you, so read it yourselves.  go to his post for this month by following the link below.

mr. hoftstätter’s post

this is melinda bailey, aka trigger.  she’s one of the partners of AZBilliards.  and she also plays pool.  from chasing her dog to chasing her dreams, you can read it all in her blog.  what is trigger’s poolosophy, you ask?  why, it’s a multifaceted one that is composed of books, people, and her own personal experiences.  check it out yourself.

ms. bailey’s post

poolbum is a transplant to the philippines.  he plays the local players there, and blogs about the various pool happenings in not just philippines, but all over the world.  by playing with the locals he possesses cojones much more immense than your humble host’s own.  just don’t ask him about his level of lucidity.  😛  for this month’s topic, poolbum explores the parallels between pool and life.  and something about microcosmological thingamajig.  (hey, i read at third grade level.)  read poolbum’s post for this month by using the link below.

poolbum’s post

samm diep is many things: she’s a pool player, a pool teacher, a blogger, and an entrepreneur.  but you can call her the denver cherry bomb.  🙂  if she has time, ms. diep will take a few whacks at her violin.  (no, NOT with her cue.)  did you know that django likes her stroke?  anyway, for this month’s topic, ms. diep tells us that niceness and competitiveness are NOT mutually exclusive.  click the link below to read what ms. diep means.

ms. diep’s post

wee haw!  of course, there remain your humble host (without the most) for this month.  no one likes my stroke.  but read my volume seven’s post anyway by using the link below, and leave nasty remarks if you like.  reading at third grade level it’s likely that i won’t even understand what you’re saying, so i’ll just smile and nod politely and reply “thank you” to every comment.  :mrgreen:

your humble host’s post

special thanks go to mr. fieldhammer, mr. reddick, plus mr. jerry t & ms. fischer of nycgrind.  although their busy schedules prevent them from participating this month, i want to thank them for taking their time out to email me & keep me updated of their status.  i look forward to their future articles & posts.  mr. reddick, take care of yourself and all our best.

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