old cloth

years ago i saw this martial arts documentary on discovery channel that piqued my interest.  they did the usual interviews and profiles on all the major disciplines in asia; one of the martial artist in the documentary was a shaolin master.  at the time of the filming, he was living and teaching in canada, unless i remembered it wrong.  one of his daily regiments was this.  sitting down, he takes an one-inch think steel plate and put that on his thighs.  then holding his fist three to four inches above the plate, he strikes the plate with his fist.  the shaolin master then repeats the strike 1,000 times with each hand.  while the strike wasn’t full-force, it wasn’t a soft tap either.  although the program didn’t show a close-up of the master’s fist, you could see that his knuckles were the size of small grapes.  it was rumored that this shaolin master could kill a man with one punch.  from an inhuman training regiment such as the steel plate routine, the shaolin master developed his hands into deadly weapons.  there is something to be said about enduring tough trainings to become the best, or the best you can be.

at my fave PH the owner don’t really like to change the cloth, even if he does use simonis.  (i’m sure a lot of pool halls try to cut the same corner.)  as a result, the cloth are worn and kind of old.  since no amount of convincing could persuade the owner, i try to use the old cloth to my benefit.  on old cloths, it is tough to move the cueball around.  but if you can develop sufficient power to move the cueball on old cloths, your stroke will effectively double on brand-new or semi-new cloth.  kinda like running on beach barefoot; if you can run fast on sand, you can blaze on solid land, and your endurance will be terrific.  i have to play on old cloth, so i use it to train my stroke and experiment with techniques that will increase my power.  again, i must quote the russian general alexander suvorov: “train hard, fight easy”.

also, i know this is super late, but congrats to gail glazebrook for winning the 2010 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships Women’s Open Singles (tournament bracket here)!  way to go smassy!  i guess you really did silently assassinate them.  😛  i just hope that people don’t start calling you silent but deadly.  😀

back to practice.

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  1. OH snap, I just saw this ..:) Thanks! 🙂
    … I think …. er … um … did you just call me a fart?

    hmph. 😡

    — Smassy, aka SBD

    • nope, i did not call u a gaseous matter. i said, i hope people don’t start calling you that. because that would be simply untrue. 😛

      on the other hand, i did call u smassy, so there. feel free to remove the SBD label anytime. 😀

  2. The problem with playing with old cloth is when you play on not so old cloth, everything is different. I think the best compromise is to practice on both not so good cloth and better cloth. That way, you get a feel of both kind of cloth and know how your balls will react on the cloth and on the rails.

    • of course. i’m merely talking about making lemon into lemonade. or trying to squeeze blood out of turnips. take ur pick. 😛

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