true chutzpah, and other random musings

just a random thought about what true chutzpah is.

– flag down an UPS driver to ask him where i can find the nearest FedEx office: true chutzpah.

– walk into a reebok boutique and ask the salesperson where the nearest nike store is: true chutzpah.

– saunter into a GM dealership, say that i’m lost & need help finding the nearest honda car lot: true chutzpah.

you get the idea.¬† ūüėÄ

now onto the non-related-topic front, i’m gradually feeling more anti-social, pool-wise.¬† i’m not sure how to explain it, but the best way i can put it is that when i go play, pool is taking more center stage lately.¬† confused?¬† lemme ‘splain.

when you look at a PH, it’s pretty safe to assume that the regular customers spend an inordinate amount of time inside the PH.¬† even if they don’t, they’ll schedule regular chunks of time to be at the PH.¬† sure, we get the weekend ballbangers, but they pretty much don’t count, since they’ll pop in for an hour, leave, and not come back for a week/a month.¬† because of the amount of time the regulars spend in the PH, the PH necessarily serves another function besides pool: a social gathering place.¬† with these regulars, the PH is a hangout spot, a info hub to exchange news/gossips, a place to kill an afternoon, to sweat/gamble on matches, to idly chitchat, to eat & drink, you name it.

the problem with me, is that i increasingly don’t want that social aspect of the PH.¬† i want pool.

my logical brain tells me that sure, if you want pool, then ignore social interactions.¬† my common sense brain tells me that’s probably not the way to treat my fellow players.¬† so my decision brain is caught in the conundrum, sorta an infinite loop-back, if you will.¬† now i kind of get where ms. diep was coming from when she wrote the posts called “no thanks, i’m practicing“, part 1 & part 2, and the hundreds of posts by omg where she reiterated over and over on how she wanted to be left alone when she practiced.¬† it’s gotten so that i secretly wish that i won’t have to play the people i know, or that they won’t show up when i’m there.¬† i kind of relish playing strangers or people i barely know, because then i won’t have to do the inanely idle chitchat.¬† i even enjoy the torpedoing when occasionally gambling with better players, b/c the act itself is so clean.¬† we bet, we play, we leave; a most primal, basic exchange of pool.¬† even better: serious practice with a stranger, since i don’t like to gamble.¬† we play, we leave.¬† am i strange in thinking this?

hope i don’t keatingize myself by too much over-thinking.

on the technological front, i’ve finally relented and bought a smart phone.¬† i went with a fairly high-end one, deciding that jumping into the deep end first is the only proper way to start an exploration with the latest technology.¬† uniquely like everyone else, i now wonder how i lived without it.¬† le sigh.¬† le lament.¬† le m√©lancolie.¬† le choo.

that’s enough of that.

4 comments on “true chutzpah, and other random musings

  1. Which smart phone did you get? Lemme guess, the iPhone?

    As for your mentality of practicing in a pool hall, I have the same mentality. Come in, play, leave. I don’t like those chitter chatters. Let me play pool during the free pool hours, and talk to me later.

    One lady I know got the message pretty quickly. We’re cool socially, but during pool hours, she tries to keep the conversation to a minimum. She is one of those who drinks, play and pool time is more of a social time.

    Each of us are different. Each of us have different goals, just respect what those goals are.

    • i find it kind of tough to say “i don’t wanna play” to people i know, & the chitchat follows. that’s the self-imposed trap i’m in.

  2. I hate the chit-chat that goes with a pool game. I try to be as polite as I can, but most of the time it’s hard to hide my feelings that, at this time, I really don’t care what you’re saying. I’m playing pool. It’s also pretty annoying when someone *stops* shooting to tell a story. It’s never a good enough story in my mind to be wasting focus and energy. I’m a very social person. I usually skip past small talk with most people, and I love finding things to talk about, sharing thoughts and good conversation, but when I’m playing pool I just want to get in the game. I had a buddy tell me a story about some air-pump for a bike tire (or whatever) during a break and run. I actually stopped shooting to tell him politely that I really didn’t care what he was saying. It was an uneasy 4 or 5 seconds after that but he got the message and has been way better ever since.

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