this marks the 100th post of my blog.

you may think it strange that i choose to celebrate my 100th post, instead of, say, the one-year anniversary of this blog.  the reason is simple: i put more stock in writing than chronological passage, so accumulating a hundred posts is more important to me than having this blog for a year.  or ten.

when i first began, i had no idea i would accumulate even 20 posts, let alone a hundred.  i also thought that maybe two or three people would read my crap.  since God has a sense of humor, He decided to grant me more than three readers.  i now have four.  😛

although i’ve no proof, i suspect that my blog, or blogs about pool in general, cater to a niche market.  i mean, pool is not really a mainstream game/sport.  i would say the large number of participants are casual players at best; the number of serious players that actively pursue excellence in this game do not represent the majority of people that play pool.  in short, there are many people that play pool, but only a few that are pool players.  so logically, the number of people that would want to read about pool is probably very small.

if we look at the players themselves, i would guess that pool players aren’t too into reading blogs about pool.  i mean, a pool player’s first instinct is to grab his/her cues and go hit some balls.  that’s the primary motivation for pool players–get on the table & play.  who’d want to sit at home and read pool blogs instead?  unless the player is really bored and he/she doesn’t feel like playing, chances are that player will be out at the pool hall playing or practicing.  so now the pool of potential readers is further reduced.

which is why i’m amazed that there are people who will actually visit here & take time to read what i have to say.  and you, my dear readers, do so at a risk.  i mean, i’m not anybody in pool.  i happen to have some oddball thoughts that i decide to splash across the cyberspace.  when you read my posts, you have to take the information, process them, and see if they’re copacetic by your standards.  that’s a time-consuming process which involves a certain amount of devotion on your part.  i’m amazed, my dear readers, that you would take time to do this, for an anonymous blogger posting random thoughts in this unknown & untested blogsphere.  that to me, is trust, and faith.  in return, i have to always ask myself, “is this post worthy of my potential readers?  of me?  am i spreading bs, or is this post actually saying something?  if i post this, will i be wasting their time?”

because my blog is public, and i’m communicating to actual people, know that i don’t take your trust for granted.  and i want to thank your readership, whoever and wherever you are.

what else did i learn?  that there is such thing as the kindness of strangers.  for instance, omg very graciously publicized my blog on her very popular own by linking my blog to hers.  i reap the benefit of that linkage everyday.  not only that, she actually agreed to let me interview her, no doubt sacrificing her precious practice time in the process.  if you’ve ever read her blog, you’ll know how competitive she gets when it comes to pool, and how important practice sessions are to her.  plus, the fact that she doesn’t yet drive means that her time is that much more valuable, since she has to spend a good portion of it just to travel to various venues to practice or compete.  so thank you, ms. omg.  i appreciate the things you’ve done for my blog, and i’m grateful.

let’s not forget ms. sarah rousey.  you probably remember the interview i did with ms. rousey.  the fact that a pro player can be this accessible to fans of the sport speaks volumes of her generous nature.  i can’t thank her enough for that interview, especially considering the fact that she IS a pro and has an insane amount of professional and personal obligations to keep.  so thank you, ms. rousey, for being so kind to a complete unknown.  i’m grateful for that interview and your very gracious emails.

also, ms. samm diep was kind enough to invite me to participate in the poolSynergy project.  truth be told, i was quite hesitant, since i wasn’t sure how it would pan out.  i mean, i’m responsible only for my posts.  i can literally write whatever i want.  but with a group project, i had to be mindful of other bloggers, the topic, and the monthly hosts.  i thought that the quality of my posts would be affected, since mentally i would be telling myself that i can’t freewheel like i normally could.  but all those worries turned out to be nothing, and i’m grateful for everyone at PS for allowing me to participate.  so thanks, mr. biddle, mr. fieldhammer, ms. diep, trigger, and everyone else at poolSynergy.

of course, i must mention quilt & b~*, by far THE most frequent commenter on my blog.  and guess what?  she is also a very generous soul.  without her comments, my blogging experience wouldn’t be as fun.  in fact, i sometimes imagine q&b as my audience when i’m not sure who the article should speak to.  which is why i’m enormously happy for her purchase of a new house.  i’m secretly hoping she’d turn it into a mtv crib-like project, because i want her to thoroughly enjoy her new abode.  but even if she doesn’t, i know she & her hubby will have lots of fun renovating the place.  🙂  in fact, they should be almost done.  i vote for a virtual tour.  😛  or at least pics of the pool room in her new house.

last but not least, snarky, also known as that pcn guy, is a bit of mystery.  he doesn’t know me from adam, but for some reason he decided to mention my blog several times in his posts, thus greatly increased my readership by several folds.  although my blog is quite crappy, i still appreciate the mentions.

sorry about this longish post.  got a little excited about my 100th.  hope you’re entertained enough for many return visits.  stay tuned for a little surprise next time.

14 comments on “100

  1. Congrats on reaching the century mark! I also enjoy reading your blog, although I rarely leave comments. I will endeavor to improve my performance in that respect. Keep up the great work!

    • thanks mr. reddick. appreciate your readership! hope you’ll continue to have as much fun reading my blog as i do writing it. 🙂

  2. Hey congrats on the 100th post. I only discovered your site maybe a few months ago, but I’m already enjoying many of your posts, new and old. Keep up the great work as I look forward to many more entertaining entries!

  3. If I was not already counted as one of the 4, put me down as #5 on the readers list.

  4. spam is exciting! i’m afraid i’m already addicted to spam; it’s like i wanna swallow it all at once. i think i’ll be back for more!

  5. Congrats on your 100th post. So what did I win for being “THE most frequent commentator” on your blog? [kidding]. Your comments made me blush, thank you for your kind words.

    Your blog is interesting because it makes me think. I don’t do a lot of philosophical thinking in my every day life, so reading your entries make me think and explore my everyday life, which includes pool.

    As for the virtual tour, I’ll probably put a few pics to make it “virtual”. Stay tuned, because by today, the painting should be done. All we need is the pool table, which is being sorted out by hubby and some guy in Arizona (I think). Looks like we are leaning to a Diamond table.

    Thank you again for writing your post and I look to many more interesting and philosophical posts from you.

    Yours truly,

    • for being the most frequent commenter on my blog, u win one hundred handclaps!! (cheers, applause)

      i’m glad ur gonna post some pics of ur pool area. virtual enough for me. and diamond tables play jam up! it’s not a forgiving table, but plays great (i think so anyway).

      thanks again for reading my crappy posts. although i didn’t set out to make my posts philosophical, i guess they kind of turned out that way. anyway, i hope my future stuff will continue to entertain u!!

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