pick a line

in my old post titled “triple distilled“, i talked about deciding your role in pool.  i know, it’s a bad habit of mine to keep referring to my old posts, but a lot of my posts are connected in some way.  this is because i have a system of beliefs in pool, and my posts reflect my style of thoughts.  bear with me folks.

being decisive has a practical application in pool.  the following is a mistake i’ve made many times: in deciding to pocket a ball and getting shape, i shoot right in between.  the result is that i miss twice: i miss the shot, and i miss the shape.  there are many familiar parallels to “shooting in between”, so i won’t give examples here.

the smart thing to do, of course, is to decide that 1) if i need to pocket the ball, 2) pick my shape from the line that allows me to make that ball, and 3) completely focus in on that line, and ignore everything else.  if i don’t need to pocket the ball, then i pick the line to play safety, and completely focus in on the safety line.  did i mention that tidbit about ignoring everything else but the line i pick?

although a very basic concept, i tend to forget it in the heat of the battle.  when i do heed my own advice, however, it usually pays off.

being decisive in pool can reap positive benefits.  and since the concept is quite simple, i’ll stop here.

2 comments on “pick a line

  1. This is one technique that I sometimes find myself scolding myself. Before getting down, think of what you want to do and commit yourself.

    Indecisiveness will get a player into trouble. I have also seen pros unsure of the line when they get down to take there shot. Usually it is because of the pressure of the shot clock.

    Being at a rookie level, there is no shot clock, thus, think about what you want to do and execute it with confidence.

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