i’m not saying the following because i blog; far from it.  (well, at least i think i’m unbiased.  :P)  to me, blogging is a somewhat different format than other interactive media because it offers space for a post of practically unlimited length.  this format, more than others, allows a person to fully express uncensored opinions; for those that are interested in someone’s complete viewpoint on a topic, a blog post gives the best chance for a reader to get an untrimmed presentation.  the rest rests (no pun intended) on the shoulders of the blogger, who is responsible of creating as complete a post as possible.  (or an incomplete form, if he/she chooses to confuse people.)  this is the forum where you can literally (pun intended) bare your soul, pour your guts out, and show the world how and what you truly feel about someone, or something, or somewhere.  with such potentiality for intense feelings, the reader has to invest a certain amount of emotions to read blog posts, and express those emotions through comments (if the reader chooses to).  as a result, a blog post can transcend space and connect complete strangers through thoughts and feelings; the writer and reader of that post, then, are at the same time suppliers and receivers of this exchange.

i blog, and i read other blogs.  in a weird way, i’m beginning to feel connected to the writers of certain blogs.  but why should i care?  i don’t personally know any of them.  i only spend some of my time reading their posts, and then i go about my day.  so why should i feel that connection?  is it because i’ve invested my time and emotional energy to read and absorb the stories told by these bloggers?  does that mean that this connection i feel is due to the time/energy i spent on their blogs, and my brain is telling me subconsciously that i need to make the time/energy count for something?  am i selfish, then, for feeling this connection with other bloggers?  for example, why should i give a hoot about ms. rousey, whom i’ve never met, just because i read her blog?  or q&b?  or omg?  or g2?  or my fellow PoolSynergy contributors?

but i do.  i just can’t explain why i do, selfish or not.  for that same reason, i feel disappointed when a blog i read goes dead.  (basically, the author of the blog stops posting and updating completely.)

people connect with their thoughts; at least the deeper, non-superficial kind of connection.  blogs have given us another bridge where people connect through thoughts and feelings across space, and sometimes time.

so, is that connection virtual, or real?

you tell me.

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  1. “so, is that connection virtual, or real?”
    That connection is virtual until you actually meet the person. It’s like chatting or meeting someone online and then when you finally meet them in real life, it becomes real. Sometimes after you meet them, things change, either for the better or the worse, usually the worse. Sometimes it is better to just let the relationship remain in the virtual world.

    “this format, more than others, allows a person to fully express uncensored opinions”
    I know you censor things on your blog, I guess the above statement you are referring to are bloggers in general.

    Over time, I have stopped reading a few blogs, because I don’t feel a connection with them anymore, or find the topic uninteresting. But it does give me a jolt when a reader reads my blog and comments on them.

    Well, keep on reading and blogging.

    • this is one of those sit-down replies; i gotta sit down and think about what i want to say. thanks for stimulating my brain q&b.

      the connection may be virtual. however, in blogging these connections are made with real people; so, is it really virtual? i mean, it’s not simulated. it takes place in the real world, albeit not in the physical universe, so to speak. does it only exist in the mind of the person making that connection, even though there are real people behind the comments and posts? i think it’s kind of a borderline thing; when dealing with human consciousness, very few things are crystal clear.

      as far as censoring things on my blog, yeah, i suppose i do, but only slightly. i primarily censor any possible foul language, but i don’t censor ideas or legitimate discussions that may appear on my blog. (spammers go into the spamatopoeia. :P) i find that when you lay out some ground rules, it’s easier to have honest debate and exchange of ideas. having witnessed a few online spats in forums, i want my blog to at least have civilized exchanges between people. shouting f words don’t help the communication. of course, i must say that i’m not perfect, and i’ve left comments that i now regret and wish i could take back. it’s a learning process.

      personally i find the most compelling blogs are the ones that honestly reveal what the writers are really thinking, or at least appear to be honestly revealing, foul language and all. those are the ones i return to most often. it may seem hypocritical that i’d read blogs with foul language but won’t allow any on my own, but i think that’s context-driven. if the writer incorporates foul language because that’s the best way he/she has to reveal their innermost thoughts, so be it; at least it’s honest. i’d take that over some hyper-polished blog that sounds all nice and pretty, but the soul of the writer has been totally sanitized away. those i typically skim over or just won’t visit. blogs where the writer only brags about him/herself are on the bottom of my list too. those are just plain boring.

      anyway, enough of my nonsensical reply. glad you’re still reading and commenting, q&b; always appreciate your readership. and congrats on moving in your new abode! have fun unpacking!!

      • Here is a definition of “virtual connection” from “A connection or a path through an ATM network. The word ‘virtual’ indicates that the connection is logical rather than physical’.” We are not physically connected, because we do not meet physically, but rather we meet in the virtual world, or logical world.

        “…civilized exchanges between people.” So far you have done that. I guess the more readers you get, the more controversial you may become. But since your virtual world (readership) is currently still manageable, there is not much to worry about. At the same time, OMGWTF has a lot of followers but her exchanges with people are not at a fist fighting level (yet).

        Foul language is an interesting topic. My mouth needs to be washed periodically. Some days I swear like there is no tomorrow. It’s really the environment I am in. At clients, obviously, the foul language has to be parked at the door, but at the pool hall, foul language comes almost second nature (yeah, yeah, you’ve written about bad temper before and foul language on the pool table). As for writing, I don’t try to swear, but sometimes to get the message across, certain words are necessary.

        As for unpacking, we will probably start tackling it this long weekend. Thanks again.

        • the word “virtual” can also mean temporarily simulated, however. and of course, the question is also about realness: are things real when it’s experienced outside the physical realm? if not, then are emotions real? is it real that people connect or meet in cyberspace?

          it’s not clear-cut, to say the least.

          as far as omg, i believe she does moderate her comments section, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t get out of hand. but she gets a lot of hits, so moderating comments may be a necessity.

          as far as cussing, i just decided on a self-imposed ban because i personally don’t see the need to cuss; that’s a personal decision though. ur decision may differ. i don’t really buy the environment argument though; ur surroundings only affect u to a certain point, perhaps they merely serve as an indicator to raise or lower ur inhibitions. in the PH ur language inhibitions are lowered and u cuss. but like i said, it’s up to u what type of language you use, unless it starts to annoy people around u. u then should try to curb it as a courtesy.

          time to recruit more people to help u unpack! hope u guys r loving ur new house!

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