amusing tidbits

some amusing tidbits for you to enjoy.

found this pic inside the bathroom of my favorite PH.  click on the pic to see the larger version.

also, this amusing video for you.  it’s a bit long but quite neat.  enjoy.

[just a quick note.  i’ve been addicted to a couple of pool apps: doodle pool and virtual pool lite, both free on itunes.  doodle pool has three different games: 9-ball, 8-ball, and this thing called UK 8-ball.  it’s fairly easy to make shots in doodle pool, but there’s no control for english/follow/draw, so you’re limited in your cueball position.  virtual pool lite only has 9-ball, but you can control cueball spin, so you can play more positions.

if you’re an iphone/ipad/ipad nano user, feel free to download them and kill that midday doldrums!]