poolSynergy, volume undici

this is the eleventh volume of poolSynergy.  welcome back, and thanks for reading this post.

the topic for volume XI is “what’s in your case”.

for the main page of volume XI, visit the link below.  it contains a list of all the posts on this month’s topic.

main page for poolSynergy volume XI

also, visit the link below for a complete list of poolSynergy’s monthly topics.


below is my post for this month.  enjoy.

the poolSynergy topic this month is “gears”, or “what’s in your case”.  the format for this edition is more of a visual tour, so i’m posting these pics.  click on each pic to get the details of each item!

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    • or, ahem, other uses, mr. taylor. such as the act my friends tell me to do when they get ticked off at me. u can use ur imagination on that one. 😛

      btw, pool is my hobby, so i’m not worried about it “going well” or not; i enjoy it, playing good or bad. and i wouldn’t touch bowling with a 10-foot pole. not my game.

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