reaction over the incident between omg and scott medeiros

last week omg wrote a piece recounting her trip to the apa event; in this event, she encountered a creature called scott medeiros.  you can read the actual post here.  since it’s a very long post, i’ll give you the summary of what happened, according to omg’s post below.

omg drew medeiros in an apa 9-ball match.  since omg normally played 8-ball in the apa, she was not familiar with the scorekeeping format of apa 9-ball.  so, omg inadvertently made some errors on the score sheet.  medeiros basically exploded when he saw the mistakes.

“What the f— is wrong with you? What the f— is this?”  He motioned to the scoresheet with a rage-filled, expectant look.  I didn’t know what he was referring to and my blank look served only to enrage him further.  He made wide-sweeping motion with his arms towards the scoresheet.  “AM I THE ONLY ONE KEEPING SCORE HERE?!”

I went over to the scoresheet to take a look.  I still didn’t know what had triggered his ire since I had also been keeping score.  I looked at the score sheet.  He was at 33, I was at 32.  “I… don’t understand.”




“I don’t?”

“Yeah, why the F— don’t you pay attention, HUH? I’M SUPPOSED TO HAVE MORE POINTS THAT THAT! WHAT THE F— IS WRONG WITH YOU?”  He had stood up now and I was seriously thinking he might hit me.  He gestured again with his arms.  “YOU DON’T F—ING PAY ATTENTION DO YOU?!”

I looked at the score sheet.  “You’re supposed to have more points?”

“F— YEAH I’m supposed to have more points!  You’ve already done this three times.  I’ve already asked you THREE TIMES and you still keep f—ing up!”

omg didn’t recall medeiros asking her about the score sheet three times.  nevertheless, she offered to let medeiros change the score to whatever he thought he should have, even if he decided to give himself enough points to win the match.  medeiros, for some odd reason, did not take up the offer and continued to badger omg about her accidental mistake.  the crowd then got involved and started to deride medeiros about his absolute lack of manners.  medeiros countered with insults and threats to the crowd.  eventually, omg won the match.

after omg posted this incident on her blog, medeiros chimed in with his comments.  i’m posting these verbatim here.

scott medeiros
September 18, 2010 at 11:08 am
Seems the great crocodile tear melinda left out alot of facts if pool doesn’t work out which im sure it wont director in hollywood should be a great backup.Im not gonna get into all the mistruths in this story but it was entertaining. I nevr had a 20 ball lead was close the whole match, I never 1 time raised my voice to the great 1, only the idiot behind us that never had anything to do with the match. also we were next to teh table I think someone from the apa would have come over if it was that bad. # times she didnt mark a point she broke I made a ball played a safe and had no points when I returned. I was nice when I asked her to mark the points and accepted her apology 5 times and she wouldnt drop it. Then she started crocodile tears to sway the crowd and was sayin the guy in the first match was callin me a cheater to for not markin point guess it was an accident again. Also, the 1am match I saw her play from 3 tables over and not mark points for that player either guess she won alot of money the lil angel who cheated evry1 out of money and point but i guess she just makes alot of mistakes. Good luck in your pool career should get far I might get mad and be loud but I dont cheat.

P.S. If you have so much time with a pen and a paper to write stuff down maybe you should learn how to keep score.

scott medeiros
September 18, 2010 at 11:29 am
1 more thing im glad you ride 38 miles to pool and everyone else keeps score for you so you can leave early seems like your not to selfish and don’t only think about yourself OHHHHHH WAIITTTTTTTTT I forgot your cute little melinda has everyone wrapped around your finger. I would put your last name down but I don’t care what it is LOL Funny thing is like I said earlier you wouldnt drop it then and a month Later your still writing blogs GET A LIFE

scott medeiros
September 18, 2010 at 8:27 pm
not gonna argue shes shown her character all I know is what ive seen and what many other have told me about her . I forgot about it the second it was over and never yelled at her 1 time asked her to keep score correct she apologized and i said no problem then she started crying sayin the first guy she played said the same thing so I go but what she said what i saw and witnessed again in a future match. I also never had a big lead took the first game 8-2 and the seconds game she took 7-3 so the facts she says and remembers are a lil twisted and calling ppl names like concaved ankles and whatever eye thing she said shows her character to everyone who reads this. good luck and good bye

first of all, notice medeiros’ writing style.  this is the style typically favored by, oh i don’t know, serial killers, murderers, and similarly disturbed creatures of the ilk.  also, note the serious flaws in spelling and grammar.  the tone of the comments is, as vampire weekend would say, “dripping with disdain”.  but more seriously, this seems to be a man who obviously takes pride in his ability to get mad and loud.  based on this incident and his comments, medeiros obviously doesn’t seem to care about other people, the concept of common courtesy, or the idea of indoor voice.  he wants what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants it, and others can jump off a bridge.

i’m glad that the apa matches weren’t televised in this instance.  can you imagine what people would think of the sport when they see an a~* like medeiros berating omg in the manner that he did?  would anyone want to participate in pool after witnessing a debacle like medeiros?  i surely wouldn’t.

all i can say is thank you, miss omg, for confronting a~*hattery and idiocy like medeiros head-on by naming names, and doing research before you posted the name.  people like that should be banned from pool for life.

those of you interested in writing, please watch this video and remember the importance of grammar.  otherwise you may become a medeiros.

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  1. Regardless of his grammatical skills, I think his responses only served to support my initial description of him as someone who never thinks they’re wrong.

    I find it funny that all his “trump cards” were so weak. He showed he doesn’t understand how a blog works (a write-up of an event occurs AFTER the event is over), that most bloggers don’t work with pen and paper (digital age and all), and that my last name is not a mystery in the pool world.

    Amusing, yet worthy of pity, all at the same time.

    • ola omg. the reason i mentioned his writing style & grammar issues is because that style is seen with disturbed persons. and you’re right, based on his comments you can tell the extreme self-centeredness. i honestly think that he would have attacked you if he could get away with it.

      i’m just glad u named names. u can’t appease people like that; they’d just think you’re weak and defenseless. if you’re merciful to the cruel, you’re only being cruel to the merciful.

  2. Wow, was this incident reported to the league operator? The APA should allow this type of behavior; it’s bad for pool and bad for business.

    • no worries michael. i know what u mean. 🙂

      according to omg, medeiros got a warning. but that’s hardly enough for that type of behavior, in my opinion. the man should be banned from a few apa tournaments at the very least. players of that sort are a disgrace to the game.

  3. I spoke to OMG about two years ago about writing about “sticky incidents”. Her advice was, “if you can say it to their face, then you are okay to blog about it. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something to them in person, you prolly shouldn’t blog about it.”

    Well, I would say she’s pretty comfortable with this!!

    • based on my personal experience, omg isn’t shy about writing what she thinks. in this case i’m glad she named names. people like medeiros won’t hesitate to hurt others to get what they want. the only way to deal with them is to confront them head-on.

      besides, u basically have to name names when someone acts like a complete jerk in a tournament match. from what i can see, medeiros will do this again to someone else. that’s just not right.

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