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although the title of this post is almost identical to the tagline of this blog, it has nothing to do with the social aspect of pool.  instead, it’s about an interesting technique i’ve observed.

at my favorite PH, there’s this good player that’s been around for a while.  we’ll call him OJ for now.  OJ plays very well, but it’s not his game i’m interested in.  rather, it’s the way OJ hits the cueball.  i’ve never seen anyone else use it.  to generate right spin, OJ strikes the cueball from outside in.  basically, when OJ strokes his cue, he curves the cue in an arc; the cue goes to the right then curves back in to the left, and hits the cueball on the right-hand side, generating right spin.  to get left spin, OJ reverses the process.  not sure if this makes sense, so i drew a small diagram.

now you know why i failed in art classes.  😛

typically, if a player curves his cue at all, it’s usually inside out.  for example, if a player curves his cue to get right spin, the cue goes from center and curves to the right (from center to outside, basically); those of you familiar with pool jargons will know this as the “tuck and throw” stroke.  OJ’s technique is so peculiar, i think he is the only one that uses it.  i’ve seen a couple of slip strokes, tons of efren-wannabe strokes, and a few allen hopkins strokes, but i’ve never seen this outside in technique.  plus, OJ’s stroke is kind of jabby; it’s not a long, smooth stroke, but a short, punchy one.

anyone care to explain this stroke?  i’d love to understand the mechanics behind it.

on another note, i decided to visit the container store.  i found some totally kicka~* little boxes that’ll fit in my case.  i’m gonna put my chalks in them so i won’t get blue marks all over the case.  although they’re nationwide they don’t have too many stores; check to see if they’re in your area.  be warned: you’ll have a strange urge to buy up the store once you get inside, so when you go there don’t carry too much cash and leave your credit cards at home.  that store is budget deadly.  i was real lucky i kept it under $10.

6 comments on “outside in

  1. Interesting topic! My comments:
    (1) Container Store – Be careful or you will buy way too much of things you don’t really need…spoken from experience. I do like your idea though. Unfortunately, there’s a container store within 300 feet of my front door. (uh oh!).
    (2) Strange stroking techniques – Excellent pool starts with solid fundamentals, specifically the elimination of variation, or conversely, the ability to reproduce the exact same stroke again and again. With a strange technique like OJ’s, I wouldn’t advise others to adopt it; however, if OJ has always shot that way, it may work for him since he can reproduce the same stroke again and again with little variation.

    • yeah, that container store is deadly. i was glad to find what i needed without buying anything else. lucky!

      btw, OJ can play; man runs racks of 10-ball when he feels like it. one of the reasons i want to understand the mechanics behind that stroke.

  2. Any chance you can talk OJ into letting you get some video clips of his stroke? I believe I understand what you’re describing… but it’d be helpful to actually see it. I’m with Michael, it doesn’t sound like anything others would want to emulate… but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

    • sorry…don’t think he’d like that idea.

      oj’s form is quite peculiar and probably not suited for copying. but the man can run racks and get a lot of juice on the ball, so that makes me wanna understand the stroke.

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