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  1. I would guess it was the way he challenged the kid in the beginning? Left him a couple shots in a very controlled way without completely selling out; kept him engaged and generated excitement… even on the last shot, I’m sure the boy thought for a second he was going to get a chance at the 9-ball. Must have been a huge thrill for him (and everyone else in attendance). It’s a great example of how to build interest in the sport and encourage new players to join and/or keep at it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would say the most amazing thing is the fact that Efren played a safe on every single shot. Go back and watch…the kid never had a single direct line of sight from the cue ball to the object ball. Efren played table control the whole time until he was ready to run…then he ran the table.

  3. I didn’t articulate properly in my rush to get off the computer and get to work. Michael got closer to what I was actually thinking… I didn’t mean he left him clear shots, I meant he left him reasonable kicks to at least hit the ball, etc. And he did so in a complicated way… using multiple rails, etc… adding to the illusion, even through Efren was completely in control. He made the kid work for it… lagged instead of just letting him break straight out (although it’s likely Efren intentionally left some space in the lag for the kid to win it). Looking forward to your comments PR 😉

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