not much to write about this week.  my fave pool hall has been relatively quiet, and they held their usual tournaments which drew a decent field.  me, i’ve mostly been practicing and trying to get better.

you know, i’ve been sort of harping about the need to clarify our roles in pool, and be honest with what we want in terms of this game.  so i guess i should be honest and admit a secret that i’ve recently discovered about myself.

i have professional-like aspirations with pool.

i’ve said many times that i don’t want to turn pro.  what i do want, is to play as good as a professional (or get as close as i can) without actually becoming one.  so in terms of my game, i want to be as good as i can be, and maybe comparable to a pro player.  that’s not to say that i want to be the next efren, no way.  efren is a pool genius, and i don’t think you can replicate what a genius does unless you are one yourself.  but i do want to be good enough that it’d take a tough pro to beat me.

why?  haven’t you seen enough clues?  i’m a certified nutjob.  i like torturing myself.  seriously though, i don’t know why exactly, but it’s very likely due to my insatiable curiosity about this game.  it’s a completely selfish quest designed to purely satisfy my desire to learn.  not for prize money.  not for notoriety.  just for myself, or at least what i think of a hobby should be.

hobbies are selfish.  but they are also fun.  and becoming better at pool is my idea of making this hobby more fun, if that makes any sense.  so paradoxically, my pursuit is amateur, but i want the level of my play to be professional.  yeah, it’s a lofty goal, but that’s what i want.  not saying i’ll ever get there, but isn’t that what hobbies are all about?

this post is starting to sound too epicurean.  better stop.  😛

my fellow blogger michael reddick recently chronicled his experiment to better his breaks.  (fun read, and i’m waiting for the outcome!)  in a related note, i’ve always had a tough time with on-the-table breaks.  i can break okay on the rail, as do most people; you just have so much more room to stroke through.  on the table, i’m lucky to move the cueball at nine mph, which is to say anemic at best.  over the weekend, i sat down and tore apart my on-the-table break to see why i couldn’t get good speed on that cueball.  my goal wasn’t to have a humongous on-the-table break, but to get decent speed and spread so i could have a chance to run out.  i was shocked that it only took me 15 minutes to come up with a better solution–that was a classic “why didn’t i do this sooner” moment.  now i get a good pop on the break, and the rack spreads out fine.  very happy.  🙂

us pool players don’t get enough education on billiards, of which i am a huge culprit.  so here are some billiards videos.

next week PoolSynergy will have her anniversary edition; should be some good entries.  stay tuned.

6 comments on “aspirations

  1. poolriah, i think we are aligned with regard to our goals. i also would never actually turn pro…there’s not that much money in it, but i’d love to be able to play at that level. i just want to be the best i can be, and be able to put up a good fight with anyone at the table.

    thanks for mentioning my break shot experiment. you must have gotten that $100 bill i sent your way for the publicity. 😉 as a gesture of my appreciation, i’ve decided to include not a single capital letter in my comment. hope you appreciate that!

    • i’m a little surprised you wouldn’t turn pro, since ur blog says transforming from amateur to pro. hmm…


      i got the money, but there’s only $50 & the envelop was half open.

      *scratches head*

      this is another job for the pool mystery detecative!! btw, for jacking my all-lowercase signature writing style, u now owe me $200. yes, everything on my blog is copyrighted. i accept cash or money order. and thank u for ur continued readership. 🙂 😛

      and finally, i’m glad we align and not malign. 😀

  2. I love your sentence, “i’m a certified nutjob.”
    It is wonderful you are admitting this. It is the first step to recovery. Kidding.

    “i have professional-like aspirations with pool.”
    I think everybody has some kind of aspiration when they start playing pool. My pool aspiration two years ago was to be able to hang and shoot with the boys comfortably while winning a few games here and there. I’ve accomplished this over the last six months, and now the next level would be winning more games than losing. Overall, it’s really not about winning, but the company and the bonding between friends.

    • right now i’m moving toward the other direction. i find the social aspect of pool distracting. if i’m with friends, i personally would much rather hang out & eat with them than playing pool against them. if i’m at the table, i’d rather focus on pool instead of chitchatting. if there’s talk at the table, i’d want it to be about pool.

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