rice on my jeans

allow me a small complaint so i can get it out of the way.  there is a proliferation of asian tailors around my neighborhood, so when i buy a new pair of jeans/pants (on sale of course), i take it to one of them for hemming.  (i’m gonna be nice and not tell you the actual ethnicity of the tailor.)  twice now, after i picked up my jeans i found a grain of cooked rice stuck on it.  i understand that they have to eat lunch and all, but dude . . . at least eat your lunch away from your customers’ clothes.  i mean, this is some unprofessional crap.

*deep breath*

there.  i’m done.

2 comments on “rice on my jeans

  1. What the hell do you have against rice? Oh, was it white rice…not brown rice? Ahhh, now I understand why you are upset. Look on the bright side, at least it didn’t come with teriyaki sauce! 🙂

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