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this is the fourteenth volume of poolSynergy.  welcome back, and thanks for reading this post.

the topic for volume XIV is “recommendations”.

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below is my post for this month.  enjoy.

this month trigger asks us to come up with some book & video recommendations that can be used as gift lists.  i’m not too big on pool instructional videos, so i’ll recommend a couple of books instead.

1. 99 critical shots in pool, by ray martin and rosser reeves

first is the old standby, 99 critical shots in pool by ray martin.  the reason i like it is because it’s so easy to follow.  the authors wrote in a no-nonsense language, and the diagrams make deciphering the shots fairly easy.  more importantly, you actually learn some very useful stuff in the book, so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money and have massive buyer’s regret.  for the cheapskates frugal folks (like moi), there are plenty of used copies available, so dig around online or at your favorite used book store and have a ball.  i don’t think this is available as an ebook yet, so for now we’re stuck with paper copies.  i tend to like actual books a little more than ebooks, so that’s fine with me.  🙂

2. happiness is a serious problem, by dennis prager

the second book i recommend has nothing to do with pool at all.  it deals with happiness.  i’ve recommended dennis prager’s happiness is a serious problem before, and i’m recommending it again.  this book is available both in physical and electronic formats; again, used copies are available if you dig around.  why do i keep recommending this book?  simple.  it’s a d~* good book.  i see a lot of unhappy people at pool halls, and i believe that if you’re happy, you’ll have a better time playing pool.  can you imagine playing pool, one of your most favorite hobbies on earth, with a huge frown on your face?  i just can’t fathom such thought.  your hobby adds to your happiness.  if it doesn’t, you have to figure out why you’re unhappy in the first place.  this book offers many clues on why you may be miserable; plus, it’s filled with the sort of common-sense language that i love, not a bunch of slavishly trendy psychobabble words that you can’t use or understand.  i can’t imagine giving a more thoughtful gift than this book, so read it yourself first then liberally distribute among your family and friends.

an early merry Christmas to all you guys!!

8 comments on “poolSynergy, volume quattordici

  1. I love that you recommended the 2nd book. (The first I’ve read and is great too!) You’re right. I see A LOT of unhappy people at the pool hall and it is a shame. The game is suppose to be fun! Good read!

  2. Ah a true classic. 99 Critical Shots is one that every player should own. And if you want to support your sport buy it from my boss http://www.cuesight.com 🙂

    For the second one I totally agree with your sentiment about being unhappy while doing something you love. Pool however is a cruel cruel mistress who only doles out her love when truly earned. She is so frustrating and alluring at the same time. For me personally it’s tough to remain cheerful when I am dogging it.

    • thanks for commenting mr. barton. the kind of unhappiness i’m talking about is the more permanent kind where it stops people from being happy even when they play well. that’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed, hence my recommendation. barnes & noble’s website may let u have a sneak peek; check it out if you’re curious. i would say the library, but you live abroad so that won’t work. fortunately u can always download the ebook.

  3. Can’t say I’m a Dennis Prager fan, but Ray Martin’s book is excellent, and was the earliest one I know of to make available to the ordinary player the secrets of how to play at an advanced level. Great choice. Best wishes for the holidays for you and yours.

    • thanks john. regardless of what people thinks about prager, this one book is really worth checking out. most libraries keep a copy, so u can read it for free.

      merry christmas to u and ur family!!

    • i was wondering if someone would catch that quip. 😀 i think in this case, mr. prager wouldn’t mind people doing it liberally. at least the price is fairly conservative. 🙂

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