poolSynergy XIV, the aftermath

wow.  there are a LOT of stuff on the recommended lists of all the PS contributors.  i pretty much had to read everybody’s post at least twice to figure out what i want.  for those of you that didn’t read it yet, here’s the link to the main page of poolSynergy volume 14.


also, for a complete list of PS topics, visit this link below.


since i have my cheapskate reputation to uphold, i decided to run down the combined list through my local library system.  i was happy to find kid delicious’ book in the system!  i’m reserving the copy to be picked up later; i can’t wait.  when i ran through byrne’s name through the library, i found byrne’s complete book of pool shots.  a quick perusal tells me i should probably buy the book, so i’ll be on the lookout in the future.  this books looks like the kind you have to take to your fave PH and try each shot out; in other words, this book is made for hours of hands-on experimenting on the table.  if you enjoy learning about pool shots this seems like a good one.

looking through the pool section, i also found precision pool by gerry kanov and shari stauch.  after a quick flip through, it was meh.  i didn’t bother checking the book out and i won’t be buying this book; apologies to the laurances, the stauches, and the kanovs in advance.  interestingly, b&n lists this book under “textbooks”.  go figure.

i tried finding some pool videos but no luck, so if i want any pool instructional videos i’ll have to buy them.  oh well.  anyway, if you feel like you need a preview of the pool books, try finding them at your local bookstores and libraries and see if you like them.  this way you will know if you like the book or not, and not waste money on duds.  i bought the ray martin book (99 critical shots) this way and i couldn’t be happier.  sometimes your fave PH will have copies of the books you like; ask the manager to let you look at it so you can better decide if you will spend your money.  happy hunting!

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  1. I also perused everyone’s recommendations, some good stuff. One thing I also do frequently is check the library, and the pool holdings are limited…but…wanted to mention to you the “Inter Library Loan” system if you haven’t heard of that. It’s a nationwide network of public libraries you can search and borrow from for free. I *think* most public libraries are linked to it, so just ask (I believe your tax dollars pay for it). I have found some accu-stats DVDs through that, and other instructional DVDs (some by Byrne), as well as some of the books my local library doesn’t have. Check it out!

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