round of blogging, the aftermath

what do you do after a frenzied round of blogging?  you go stuff yer bellies, that’s what.  my friends and i decided to visit the local bj’s restaurant to get some pizza.  (yeah yeah, let the dirty jokes commence.)

for those of you not familiar with bj’s, back in the days it was just your regular family pizzeria that served a chicago-style pie.  now, it’s a way fancier sports bar/restaurant with an expanded menu and the requisite fancier prices.  i’m sure those from chicago will vehemently disagree with the chicago-style pie description, so call it a thick-crust pizza if you’re a stickler for labels.  we ended up getting bj’s favorite loaded with different toppings.  the only thing i don’t like about bj’s pizza is that you kind of have to use knife & fork on it, and i prefer to eat pizza with my hands.  other than that, no complaints.

too busy to eat, i forgot to take pictures of the pizza at the beginning, so here’s the gory aftermath of what was left over.  😛  it was pretty good.  bj’s is primarily a west-coast affair, but you can find some locations in the east coast.  food is decent, plus you can get a good beer and watch the games.  anyway, i’m off to nurse my food coma.

6 comments on “round of blogging, the aftermath

  1. I assume this restaurant is not affiliated with the BJ’s warehouse right? The snow flakes on your website over the pizza looks like dandruff flying around your food. Just an observation.

    • i’ve never heard of bj’s warehouse until now. i’m assuming they’re two separate entities, but that’s a guess.

      and it’s just snow. 😛

    • nah…we had toooo much food & dessert was out of the question. we ate so much that we’ve od’d on bj’s for the next six month. next time. 🙂

    • it’s too hard to decide between a ny style pie or the deep dish, so i eat them both. 😀 pizookie is awesome, but my friends and i just could not do it that day–too much food! i’ll have to skip lunch next time.

      meanwhile, something to whet your appetite. :mrgreen:

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