new year’s start

howdy folks.  was going to post something yesterday, but pool got in the way.  😛

kidding.  but yesterday i played so i didn’t post anything when i got home, which makes the above statement kind of true, except for the getting in the way part.  i mean, this is a pool blog, so pool & blog exists symbiotically by definition.  mutualism, i believed this was once called.  anyway, i had fun.  hope you had a chance to play too.

so what’s in the store this year?  i’ve no clue.  i’m not the guy to ask about new year’s resolutions; i simply don’t make any.  that said, i imagine i’d play more pool & write about it, so more of the same perhaps.  if i have any new ideas about my blog, i’ll put it up & see if anyone likes it, but basically i’ll be having fun playing pool, among other things.  so this is a quasi-resolution, if you’re a stickler on resolutions–i’ll have fun playing more pool.  also, i’m in the process of sharing some of what i’ve learned with my fellow local pool enthusiasts, so that’s a fun side project.  i may or may not write about it, so no promises there.  hope you’re doing the same with your pool knowledge.

other than that, i’m looking forward to reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about pool, random musings, and general b~*ing about the state of pool.  speaking about b~*ing, i had the chance of checking out a pool instruction video, thus being reminded of why i never bought any pool instructional videos.  so there, i got my first b~*ing out of the way.  maybe there will be some cool books to raise my expectations.  i think i may end up getting more byrne’s books.  honestly, i think byrne’s books have absolutely no direction, no linearity at all, but he did amass a huge number of shots, so his books make for good reference in a pool library.  i personally believe byrne’s books are more valuable to the intermediate and advanced players, but that’s just me.

for eye candy, if you’ve seen the first tron movie, you should check out tron: legacy.  the sequel won’t change the world, but it is a fun ride, especially in 3d.  below is a trailer.

here’s to a new year.

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  1. Playing more pool is a great positive resolution. It’s a different type of new year’s resolution. I wish you luck and hopefully you will share with all of us your journey.

  2. I’m with ya about resolutions. I prefer goals. Goals seem to go a lot further than resolutions (well, for me).

    Happy New Year Poolriah!

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